Training & Workshops


Digital marketing is constantly changing and we can never stop learning.

Social Media Perth offers a number of upskilling opportunities throughout the year.

Our masterclasses and workshops are kept small and encourage networking, ensuring that social media does in fact stay social!


Masterclass: Content Content Content

Creating a consistent, relevant and successful digital strategy can be a confusing and often overwhelming process – let us teach you the inside track for creating and curating content and how to maximize your efforts.

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Masterclass// Social Media: Connecting Businesses to the World

Want to succeed in digital marketing and social media? First, you’ve got to understand how the platforms really work. This 3.5 hour masterclass examines the major platforms and how to use them for business.

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Overwhelmed by Facebook? You’ve set up your page and are wondering now what? Join us for a comprehensive look at the best practices of Facebook marketing, touching on advertising, analytics and content strategies.

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Do you understand where your advertising budget is going? Are you tired of pressing the blue button and not getting results? Facebook advertising is an extremely powerful medium… when used correctly. Let us show you how.

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