The People

Founder Profile: Meg Coffey

Studying the world and working in various roles in hospitality have shaped Meg’s distinctive brand of marketing and business development.

Intern Profile: Amanda Sabatino

Amanda has always been passionate about writing and networking, so a job in communications seemed like the obvious choice.

Intern Profile: Ciaran Foster

Ciaran has always been drawn to the screen like a moth to light. Metaphors aside, writing and digital technology are a constant source of intrigue and led him into his current degree.

5 Minutes With Ryan Northover

For this series of “5 Minutes with…” we caught up with Ryan Northover – Head of Social Media Strategy at News Corp Australia.

Intern Profile: Owen Charles Johnstone

Owen loves meeting and talking to new people, it’s no wonder he found his home in marketing and public relations.

Intern Profile: Claire Oswald

In her final year of high school, Claire promised her much-loved English teacher that after a career in the performing arts that she would become a writer.

Intern Profile: Tyson Spensieri

Tyson is extremely keen to be a #SMPerth Intern. He looks forward to posting engaging content for the people of Perth and to create relationships with other like-minded people within the industry.

5 Minutes With Julia Maloney

Each fortnight we’re bringing you ‘5 Minutes with’ some of our top members, and this week we caught up with Julia Maloney – Marketing & Events Manager at The Left Bank.

5 Minutes With Jack Geerssen

Each fortnight we’re bringing you ‘5 Minutes with’ This week we caught up with Jack Geerssen, Digital Consultant with Cannings Purple.

5 Minutes With Menuccia Tassone

Each fortnight we’re bringing you ‘5 Minutes with’ some of our top members, and this week we caught up with Menuccia Tassone, Marketing Manager at CVCheck.

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