Google & SEO Essentials [WEBINAR]

SEO can be confusing, but getting Google on your side in the war for rankings is easy when you get the basics right.

All the need-to-know search engine optimisation info, all in one ready-to-go 90-minute webinar. Check out our Google & SEO course »




Set yourself up for ongoing SEO and Google success.

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If the words ‘search engine optimisation’ make your eyes glaze over or your hands reach for the nearest bottle of vodka, sign up for our on-demand Google & SEO Essentials course.

Cut through the SEO jargon, choose the right SEO tools and discover how you can’t go wrong when you get the fundamentals right.

Join social and digital marketing strategist and certified trainer Meg Coffey and learn how to get in Google’s good books. And stay there.

This Google and SEO course will examine:

  • Learn the fundamentals of online marketing and SEO best practice
  • Set up and optimise your Google My Business page the right way
  • Get to grips with metadata, on-page SEO and off-page SEO
  • Identify your SEO search terms and run a content audit
  • Set up and harness the power of Google Analytics
  • Take inspiration from real-world case studies
  • Pick up best-practice tips and actionable tricks of the trade


You get that Google is good. You know SEO is important. You may even have tried some optimisation. But with so much SEO misinformation out there, you don’t really know – for sure – how to get your SEO house in order and give your business the best chance of being found online.


The 90-minute Google & SEO course is delivered via Thinkific. Register for the on-demand webinarbelow and we’ll send a link to the email address you provide.

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Social media and digital marketing strategist Meg Coffey is a certified trainer, lecturer, media commentator, award-winning entrepreneur and regular on Australia’s business speaking circuit.

Texan by birth and Australian by choice, Meg is managing director of social and digital marketing agency Coffey & Tea, and founder of #SMPerth, the free digital-marketing knowledge-sharing network. She is also the creator of the paradigm-shifting State of Social digital and social marketing conference.

Meg brings a wealth of first-hand social and digital marketing experience and real-world case studies to her training programs, with content and conversation tailored to suit each class.


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