Words and Phrases to Ban From Your Social Media Vocabulary

There are some specific phrases and words that are just not meant to be on social media.

Everyone who is on social media and claims to be an expert in the field will have something to say but try not to be too generic with your vocabulary.

It could be detrimental to your social media page and detrimental to your brand to use jargon.

In this article we have four categories of words and phrases that you should ban altogether from your social media accounts.

Cool Lingo

Try not to be too cool when posting on social media. Unless if fits your brands identity then using over the top “hip” and “cool” words don’t actually seem that cool at all. It just makes your brand seem like they are trying too hard to impress.

Brands don’t decide what is cool, audiences do, and they are the ones who can help build a brand or tear it down. Some key words that you should not use online are “I can’t even”, “lit” or “fam”. For starters these trends are a couple of years old and secondly, no one wants to see them posted on social media.

Meaningless Jargon

When you are posting make sure that you are not just copying what everyone else is already saying. Use your own text and try to avoid the generic and popular words that most people have already typed into their posts. These may include “viral”, “optimize” and “millennial”.

Most people understand what these words mean as they are in most posts throughout social media. Find your niche and stick to it, try to avoid writing what everyone else is used to.

Clickbait Headlines

This category refers to incredible headlines that really don’t deliver on their promise. If you want your online reputation to remain strong, then you should try to avoid headlines that are too unbelievable. Make sure you can back it up.

“Best way to…”, “Worst things that…”, “This post is a must read…” and “This is the only guide…” are four simple phrases that you should avoid using as people could soon stop clicking on your posts if they think it is just clickbait.

Cringeworthy Job Titles

Stop making up job titles that do not actually make any sense. “Social Media Guru” and “Digital Marketing King” are not actual job titles and just makes you look silly in front of your audiences.

If you are going for a new job or trying to impress someone it can actually have a detrimental effect on your career. I know, something that seems innocent and fun enough could actually harm your reputation.

Investors, potential clients or potential new bosses will most probably look you up on social media and if you have a “fun and edgy” self-title then it can actually devalue your personal brand as it looks unprofessional.

If you have some social media vocabulary or phrases that tick you off, please feel free to leave a comment below!

Tyson has recently graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Business, majoring in Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations