CASE STUDY: #takeon2014

EDITORS NOTE: In late December I discovered the Nike+ Running app and started using it to track my runs.

I had already been running but I found that this app really helped encourage me along the way and push me to reach my goals. Naturally, I would use the tweet feature and I began sharing my runs on twitter. It wasn’t long before my running tweets were picked up by the HBF team who had just launched their #takeon2014 campaign. I’m an HBF member and I’ved used twitter to interact with them before and was duly impressed. I was rewarded with a double entry into the HBF Run for a Reason and I became very intrigued in the campaign. I thought some of our fellow #SMPerth members might also find this interesting so I contacted HBF for more information. Here is the case study they provided…

The Concept
At HBF, they’re all about supporting their members and indeed, West Australians, to lead the healthiest lives possible. They know that many people will use a new year to make positive resolutions in terms of their health – whether it’s to start exercising for the first time in their lives, eat more healthily, or to complete that triathlon they’ve always talked about. To this end, they wanted to reward those West Aussies who were getting themselves on track and making positive resolutions, in the hope that through such rewards they’d help keep up their motivation to achieve their goals. But they didn’t want to ask people to tell them what they were doing in order to be rewarded, instead, they wanted to surprise people who were going out there and taking on the New Year.

And so, their #takeon2014 campaign was born. Starting on 2 January, they randomly rewarded West Aussies they spotted on Twitter who were on their way to achieving their goals. Through a combination of keyword searches (words like run, fitness, healthy) and geo-location tools, they were able to identify people in WA who they felt deserved a reward for their hard work.

And they weren’t solely targeting members – they were targeting anyone in the area making positive resolutions. This gave them access to a greater number of tweets, and the opportunity to show everyone their values. The fact is, they really do care about the health of all West Australians and they wanted to encourage anyone who was setting out to make a healthy change in their life. This campaign also gave them a chance to touch people who may not know us – including people who may have chosen another health fund long ago. Hopefully they’ll have surprised them, and encouraged them to take another look at us, in light of their commitment to being a health partner.

As a non-profit organisation, they have to make careful decisions as to how they use their marketing budget, given they re-invest all profits back into benefits for their members. By leveraging their relationships with sponsors, they were able to source almost all of the gifts at little or no cost, meaning members were not negatively impacted by the campaign.

The Rewards
Through links with their sponsors, they managed to source a range of rewards, including:

  • Fitbits and smart scales
  • Brooks running shoes
  • Entry passes to HBF Run for a Reason and training packs
  • Healthy cookbooks
  • iPod mini and training packs
  • Wellness packs including iPod/phone armbands
  • Wellness packs including sport earphones
  • Entry and training course for the SunSmart Women’s Triathlon

Have a look at this link if you’d like to see some images of them:


  • They have helped 34 people with their healthy start to 2014
  • They reached a potential 42,000 people with the campaign
  • They’ve spotted people using the hashtag #takeon2014 independently, whenever they’re talking about their fitness/healthy resolutions
  • Lots of users on Twitter who don’t know each other IRL have begun talking to each other as a result – for example, two people who won fitbits were discussing how they both use them; others were swapping tips on exercise regimes
  • They’ve even had one of their winners blog about his prize:

Example tweets:

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