A Guide to Social Media Post Length [VIDEO]

The most memorable messages are often also the shortest.

However, not all messages can be appropriately delivered in a single sentence. Social media post length is a little different. 

Depending on the audience and specific message being conveyed, businesses may need to tailor their social media posts to fit the specific platform they are being posted on.

Do you know how long your post should be for each social media platform?


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This platform is the embodiment of the phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words”. When writing a post on Instagram you want your blurb to be short and sweet and let your imagery convey your message. Using 130-150 characters generates maximum engagement. With a character limit of 2200, the temptation to write a small essay on Instagram to give your picture some context is often appealing, but will most likely go unread (or even unseen) as followers scroll through their feeds


Facebook is a combination of many things: video, photography and the written word. It’s also the platform with the widest user base, meaning the ideal post length is less about Facebook and more about your audience.


280 characters. That’s all you get. Honestly, it’s a good thing. When using Twitter, you and your business want to put out short, sharp statements that get right to the heart of what you want your stakeholders to know.