The Social Media Dictionary [VIDEO]

Have you ever wondered what OOTD, ELI5, TL;DR, or GRWM means? If so, you’re certainly not alone!

As part of our Social Media Dictionary blog series, we’ve collected a huge list of online terms, slang, words and acronyms to keep you up to speed with all the new lingo.

So get the notepad ready, you might want to write some of these down for future references.


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We’ve included a snippet below:

How do words get added to the Macquarie dictionary?

For a word to be included in the Macquarie dictionary, its must be proven to be accepted by the community. The word must appear in different contexts, for a sustained period of time.

Editors read books, newspapers, search the internet, listen to the radio and their day-to-day conversations to discover new words.

Macquarie has its own computer database of Australian writing which can scan for citations of use. Other technology also helps to search online for new words being regularly used.

What terms are you still unsure about? Let us know in the comments below and we’ll get right back to you!