How to Perform an Instagram Audit [VIDEO]

Wondering what an Instagram Audit is? It’s an inspection of your Instagram account to gather insights to help you improve going forward.

New Stats About Social Media [VIDEO]

We’ve scoured the web to bring you the best new stats about social media that you’re going to want to know! #SMPerth 2019.

Social Media Tools for 2019 [VIDEO]

Brands are finding it beneficial to use multiple social media channels to connect with followers. Here’s our list of social media tools to try in 2019.

How to Avoid Facebook Ad Fatigue [VIDEO]

We also experience Facebook Ad fatigue from time to time, so don’t stress! In this video we offer some tips to combat this problem.

How to add Alt-Text to Instagram Images [VIDEO]

Using Instagram Alt Text on allows you to create a greater description of your photos when you upload them. In this video we’ll show you how.

LinkedIn Stats for 2019 [VIDEO]

LinkedIn now has more than 575 million users worldwide! To better understand the platform we’re bringing you all the LinkedIn Stats for 2019.

#SMPerth May // The Video Version

Tuesday nights are always better with drinks. Guests joined us at The 21st Amendment for a night of great drinks and good chats for #SMPerth May.

Why Advertise on Facebook? [VIDEO]

Have you thought about advertising on Facebook but aren’t entirely sure if it’s for you? In this video we will explain why you should advertise on facebook.

#SMPerth April // The Video Version

Good cocktails. Popcorn. #SMPerth Drinks. What more could you ask for this April?

SEO Tools Every Digital Marketer Should Use [VIDEO]

SEO Tools can help to increase your chance of reaching campaign goals. We’ve made a list of free SEO tools for marketers to help improve results.

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