The complete guide to using stock images in marketing [VIDEO]

Using the perfect image for your social media marketing can ultimately determine your success.

With the countless websites that offer stock images for free, there is no need to spend hours trying to capture the perfect image when you can source one for free.

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You only need to scroll through the feed of any successful Instagram account to see that photo quality is at an all-time high. Photographers are becoming more willing to share their images with the public. Websites like, iStock, and Shutterstock provide high-quality images that would rival that of any professional photographer.

We want to make sure you know what licenses the image you are sourcing is protected by.

Most free-stock images are covered under the creative commons license which allows them to be used and edited for free.

If you want a comprehensive list of stock photo websites you can use covered by the creative commons license be sure to check out our blog on free stock photo websites.

But before you start pulling a photo off the internet and using it in your next post, we have some useful tips for you to read over that will make your imagery stand out.

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