Free Photos // 25 Great Resources for Stock Images for Social Media

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Free stock photos used to have a bad wrap, with many looking cheap, staged, and not how you’d like to represent your brand. 

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Perhaps this was the case 10 years ago, but now the standard of stock images has soared to new levels.

The internet is filled with high-quality free photographs for your content, and many of these images are posted for free use by professional photographers.

We have curated a list of 25 excellent and free stock photo sites for social media images in this post. If you have a bit of budget, there’s always iStock and Shutterstock!

Note: Websites under the Creative Commons License allow you to modify and distribute any photo on the site without asking for permission, even for commercial purposes.

1. Unsplash

Unsplash free stock photos

Unsplash offers users a beautiful interface to browse high-quality photos. If you are stuck on search ideas, try browsing the photos of the year and most downloaded photos. 

Licensing: Creative Commons

2. StockSnap

zZ4cyIWqmdzfCd6w2SLEe2oTgIb5IJZpziOP76INr97Ho4xu 2M 7ZI76pCvxHKANJXjbOWure6dCLtRrsAwpuL93nbEgmeOJjGLlriAZoPx1uPejSaMfT7aMkhenpO has a large selection of free high-resolution images. You can browse by popular searches, recently added, trending categories or simply enter your desired image into the search bar.

Licensing: Creative Commons

3. Burst (Shopify)

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Burst is a free stock photo site that is powered by Shopify. Home to thousands of high-quality photos available for free download. They offer a cool feature that allows you to enter your email and get the top free stock photos sent to your inbox each week.

Licensing: Creative Commons

4. Pixabay

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Pixabay has over 1.3 million images and videos shared by its community. They also offer vector graphics which is a great feature for creating content.

Licensing: Creative Commons

5. Picography

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Picography provides stunning images to millions of people. It is one of the top sources for gorgeous, high-resolution, free photos.

Licensing: Creative Commons

6. Vecteezy

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Vecteezy is an excellent resource for finding high-quality images for both personal and professional use. Search for photos, videos, and vectors, and even browser by trending categories. 

Licensing: Creative Commons

7. Life of Pix

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Life Of Pix offers a fine selection in their featured section. Explore the best photographers of the week, or have a look at the latest photos uploaded. Their website is very cool and displays large high-res images for your viewing pleasure.

Licensing: Creative Commons

8. Pic Jumbo

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Picjumbo does things a little differently, delivering free stock photos directly to your email inbox every week. 

Licensing: Creative Commons

9. Visual Hunt

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Visual Hunt searches for the best free images from online sources and brings them together in one spot. Their website is clean and easy to use.

Licensing: Creative Commons

10. Negative Space

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Negative Space is a community of photographers who want to share their work. And a community of online visitors who wish to use their beautiful, free high-resolution images without any restrictions.

Licensing: Creative Commons

11. Pexels


Pexels has over 40,000 free stock photos and approximately 3,000 new images added every month. All photos are nicely tagged, searchable, and quickly discovered through the discover pages option.

Licensing: Creative Commons

12. Magdeleine

Magdeleine allows you to browse by ‘dominant colour’, which is an excellent feature. The website is super easy to use and prides itself on quality photos over quantity.

Licensing: Creative Commons

13. Free Stocks

HBk4ZGTHfbZjJXxZMGpSTPqpy8yglUtS8IBv20o8d8L68Nj316TRigsGLag5QkloXl3Z0AlsaQ2f3AQaQF gcwRI eOFZ0r0eR0rYJz0obLHIXUdTKwDfhgNdP1sfRtlCDM0Iojulw5nBtPU1Q

Free Stocks offers a massive selection of high-resolution photos. Their website isn’t as contemporary as the others listed above and could do with an update. Nonetheless, you will find some great images for your social media posts.

Licensing: Creative Commons

14. Kaboom Pics

1aFydMMiguFadLTthoUbfq FRfCWIOLcFi7wfPoNxO2fM7lDYCdKF2car twIbm0b0G2h0CA6RNTxA IseT3RasHYJQpkceQCPOScRCkPHab9HsVMEJzWPui1j9QdESjHy RBzEm6IO2NAjvog

Kaboom Pics offers a wide range of photographs, including architecture, fashion, food, landscapes, etc. They also regularly update blogs on topics such as photography, productivity and inspiration.

Licensing: Creative Commons

15. SplitShire

mn7reocbNuDppIoJsGYqLerz0dsEfSGUfbySbvQCBpupVxo2HXI6xTDXKaTF 1jcuF2Ix6eKLiAE9NOJew6iMjiHrOmwferrbkv4pNLZdLwQADZY aXzKrNn1DZf9CS5iPY63mwCIJ84cLkqGQ

SplitShire is sponsored by Squarespace and has nearly 1000 photos available for free download. They have had over 2 million downloads and over 6 million page views in just two years.

Licensing: Creative Commons

16. Skitter Photo

TeF b5g7wBKLItwlrkhIXuB umz pFBuzY06Ttddk2g4L9hSsX81pAsMClTTVbaHvw8 T4VoMpyr rYfYVoHMqu41Vo53kuiMDvnCMI QwZnfvwCkoqnl agUGE52BaIcT5kAme l61RZUz2 w

Skitterphoto has an extensive collection of professional high-quality public domain photos. The best photos can easily be found under ‘admin’s picks’ to help you find a professional photo fast.

Licensing: Creative Commons

17. Shot Stash

nceJ5JMlfH18ICbkmSMuXlcGOwNIUM1rlV3T8MTS03xhiUNEbQRC0uF2yXSA 3YCSSdTUlkVoT79qTce UwSNhIxEi rDOLOfL0f2LInGmorLJGT ywkuTDBoDOKw8OREj8K0mG0kkHma VKGQ

Shot Stash is an easy to navigate website with thousands of free images. Browse by category, including abstract, nature, business, food, technology, etc. New images are added daily to keep your content looking fresh.

Licensing: Creative Commons

18. Free Range Stock

ncTPxBLIlxtvbnRZCqtgXZfMDPqD5rxt m3YMAm2ICchGMN7Y1BVgLq hFP4yDb50x 6ibQ OzXJPRExwkw1hGS p1dcdtV7Y1FIo0doOdB6bG4SmNl0CQJfAIjM0H3KzMQLWnkLmsRfbB 4A

Free Range Stock offers high-quality photos and illustrations for commercial use. Their website is a little dated but still really easy to use.

Licensing: Creative Commons

19. ISO Republic

64nsnYR1fmqKBqPbGaD78Tgf XRooxB7TnGJuKeU26ZkVcpbWKele4zQRfgRFzfejOCLtfhVFgl hq IV9S7rhSDfeALJp5HlA43d 47Y0qXBcitr 6KgaWIY I7f2dDCzUw7envcPaYqgRDAA

ISO Republic provides free stock photos for creative professionals. Since launch, they’ve published over 3,000 CC-licensed images, adding more every week.

Licensing: Creative Commons

20. Find a Photo

cIfeInfpjWwKV8ULCr6PQ3P9niNfQX URNuHsMIR57j8VYjbG4MD068iYMVtqcConJIB TI3JVf9Bp6TW IF4xwQP w7BlmsZ8THPmHaH3g6wovB c08fNV2oavfk SaYlzIjnn6I8TW8TEiBA

Don’t let Find a Photo’s basic website fool you. There are thousands of high-quality photos here to be found. You can browse by collection, colour, or entering keywords into the search bar.

Licensing: Creative Commons

21. Gratisography

Gratisography offers an extensive database of free stock photos. The website is a little cluttered but provides an excellent selection of images if you don’t mind searching through the noise.

Licensing: Creative Commons

22. FOCA Stock

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FOCA Stock is a collection of stock photos from photographer Jeffrey Betts. This website does not have a large volume of photos like other stock websites, but some beautiful collections are to browse.

Licensing: Creative Commons

23. Styled Stock

YKZzdVcQwTaPkD5vfL5uWtwEyCtQV1 w5PV9ShCbbjKQI 1gdxZlliqu3tw4h6TqAZ IwxLDl6gXIyKN23 hah4L2QOtBSAAb785gD1

Styled Stock offers feminine stock photography perfect for your next project. If you are a beauty, fashion or travel blogger, this website is for you.

Licensing: Creative Commons

24. Death to Stock

eFytuK sqFHE4SUDG66gsUfiVmZ02T0tb7qR9nD5vaHUtCFTHQIhe88m3SjkMHtSbFDkhbq5Op0llHxzZYAZPwonVdYwzwqA8Q42KsmZZfXUpiW5p NR4tmvFs5PyO bJa1pN6elZTbvkT7Srg

Death to Stock operates a little differently from other stock photo websites. A free sign up with your email, and they will send you free sets of images every month to inspire your social media posts. They also offer a premium service that allows you to search thousands of photos.

Licensing: Creative Commons

25. New Old Stock

Ww4bDLFYCnkBwzqTltF2z2rlunFd9Zi BBPrPEtTUeYwbDbLz3Ci7WUxy7KLxIJw11P

New Old Stock is a collection of vintage photos from the public archives free of known copyright restrictions. Searching is a little difficult on this website. The best way is to browse by skipping through pages.

Licensing: Personal and non-commercial use