5 Ways to Use Instagram Product Tags

Shop ‘til you drop 

Instagram product tags cut out the middle man, allowing users to find and buy your products faster. 

If you’ve been looking for a way to increase sales from social media, Instagram Product Tags might just be the answer you’ve been looking for. 

In addition to Instagram Product Tags being a great way to help promote a few products at a time, a dedicated ‘View shop’ button allows potential customers to click through to your dedicated Instagram shop easily.  

Sounds great, right? But just what are Instagram Product Tags, and how do you use them effectively?  

What are Instagram Product Tags?

Instagram Product Tags are a simple concept. They work almost the same way as tagging a person in a post. Instead of prompting users to click a link in your bio, product tags allow users to click through to your products directly from their feed. 

Remember that Instagram Product Tags are only available to users with professional accounts.

Here are five ways to use Instagram product tags. 

1. Don’t be afraid to have fun

Even if the ultimate goal of your post is to make a sale, don’t be afraid to have a bit of fun and make your posts as engaging as possible. 

Crocs Instagram product tags

The above example from Crocs highlights a few different products, encourages people to pick a side, and creates a bit of debate in the comments. 

2. Let your followers know about your sales 

Everyone loves a bargain, and Instagram Product Tags are an excellent way to promote your latest sales. 

Logitech Instagram product tags

Instagram Product Tags make it super easy to promote sales. The best part is that product tags link to your store, so they’ll automatically update any time you lower the price on a product. 

3. Shine a light on new products 

If you’re launching a new product, whatever it may be, you want to capitalise on the hype you’ve likely built around its release with a massive initial sales push. 

Who Gives A Crap  Instagram product tags

The team over Who Gives A Crap also gets some bonus points for crediting the artists who took the above image. Giving credit is the right thing to do and creates an additional channel of potential engagement for your products. 

4. Harness the power of your community 

If customers love your products, there’s a good chance they’ll post about them on social media, especially if you prompt them to do so with a branded hashtag.  

Sharing user-generated content is a great way to tell existing customers that you love seeing them use your products, and it lets potential customers know how much people already love your products. 

Samsung Instagram product tags

It’s always a great idea to prompt people to share your products on Instagram. If you ship physical products, try including a card asking people to share their purchases on social. If you want to go a step further, maybe offer potential incentives. 

When people tag you in their posts, repost their content with an Instagram Product Tag attached. Word of mouth is a great way to get potential customers across the line.  

5. Keep things simple and hero your product

When selling products online, it’s essential to make the product you’re selling super clear. In the example from Keep Cup below, the contrast and framing of the image automatically draw your eye to the product being sold.  

Keep Cup  Instagram product tags

It’s also important to note the super-simple caption in the post above. While detailed captions certainly have their place on Instagram, keeping things simple is often the way to go when selling simple products. Don’t overcomplicate things. 

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