5 Reasons Why You Need a Social Media Content Calendar

When it comes to content marketing, it pays to have a plan.

A social media content calendar is something that should be a feature in all social media marketing strategies as a simple and effective way to organise the content you create and curate across all channels.

Don’t believe us? Here are five reasons why you should have a content calendar in your social media strategy:

Better task distribution

All marketers are familiar with the dreaded, last minute scramble to find/produce content. A content calendar encourages more organised distribution of labour where content production and curation is concerned. With a calendar in place your team will always be prepared to produce engaging, high quality content on deadline.

Better strategic visibility

A content calendar makes all information available to all stakeholders, in the one place, so everyone can see what you’re working toward. A (good) content calendar accounts for all channels and resources, organised in a way that makes tasks easily actionable.

Greater consistency

Better organisation around content production and curation inspires optimal consistency in the “content conversation” you have with key audiences. Done right, a calendar should keep content on track, ensuring it is always timely, useful and high quality.

Better measurement and optimisation

Content performance can be tricky to measure. A content calendar makes it easier to create benchmarks and measure performance; evaluate this performance over time and ultimately optimise your program.

Better ideas

Content calendars are also useful for mapping the progression of topical content and often inspires content creativity. If you don’t already have a content calendar in place, the act of developing one often doubles as a super productive, team brainstorming session! So hop to it!