20 Tips For A Successful Facebook Contest

Running a Facebook contest seems to be something anyone thinks they can do, but there’s actually a lot to consider.

From rules of entry to Facebook regulations and legal obligations, you don’t want to fall foul of the law.

You also want to be sure you get the maximum engagement and reach out of your Facebook contest. You don’t want to just give something valuable away and have no clear gains for your business.

If you want to run a successful Facebook contest, follow our top 20 tips below.

Check Facebook Rules

Check Facebook’s page guidelines regarding promotions as they are prone to change. Every time you start a new competition, make sure you have a quick read of the rules to make sure your competition doesn’t break them.

Follow Legal Requirements

In Australia, each state has its own laws around competitions. Look yours up and stick to them. If someone were to report you, you could get into serious hot water.

Have A Goal

What are you trying to achieve with the content? Do you want to create new loyal customers? Get more likes on your page? Create hype around your business? Your goal will help determine the type of contest you should run.

Choose The Right Type Of Competition

What kind of Facebook contest are you going to run? Will people just have to like your post? Comment on it? Upload a photo? Do something creative? Choose their favourite photo? Choose something that fits with your brand and matches the level of effort you want people to put in, as well as how much effort and time you want to put into administering it.

Keep It Simple

The trick is always to keep it simple. The easier you make it for people to enter, the higher your engagement will be and the bigger your reach. However if you have an absolutely amazing prize to give away with a high value, don’t be afraid to ask for something a bit more involved e.g. a video entry or a creative photo.

Specify Rules Of Entry

Be clear about how people enter and who is allowed to enter. Leave no room for grey areas so people can’t complain about the way your competition is being administered.

Game Of Chance Vs Game Of Skill

Are you running a game of chance or a game of skill? A game of chance is usually really easy to enter as you just have to like, comment or submit an entry form. Games of skill are more challenging for the entrants as well as the judges, so make sure you have a fair and impartial judge to choose your winner.

Decide How You’ll Pick A Winner

Will you be manually choosing a winner? This is likely in games of skill as you’ll have to go through each entry to pick a winner. If you want to pick a random winner, tools like Woobox are awesome as they take all the hard work out of the process. This is really useful when you have hundreds or thousands of entrants.

Specify How The Prize Must Be Claimed

Be clear when you start the competition how the prize is to be claimed. If you are expecting people to collect the prize or arrange delivery, be upfront. You don’t want to have to redraw winners over and over because they can’t physically get their prize.

Set A Deadline

Give a deadline for entries so people know when entries will be closed. Don’t forget to also set a deadline for claiming the prize after you announce the winner.

Make The Prize Relevant

If you’re a financial advisor, don’t give away a restaurant voucher. If you’re a restaurant, don’t give away an iPad. Make the prize relevant to your business.

If you’re a small local car repair business, you could give away a free service. If you’re a restaurant, you could give away a meal for 2. If you’re a financial advisor, you could give away a free financial review. If you’re a hotel or accommodation provider, for your Facebook contest, you could give away a weekend away at your establishment. Keep it relevant!

Make The Prize Desirable

Don’t give away something that no one would want. Make the prize desirable to create buzz and get engagement on your post.

Use An Attention Grabbing Image

Always use an attention-grabbing image. People don’t have time to read 4 paragraphs about what the prize is and how to enter. You could create a great image which includes what you’re giving away and how to enter. You could also use a clear image of what your prize is for your Facebook contest.

Make It Mobile Friendly

If you’re going to take people to a website or third party app, make sure the link is mobile friendly. The last thing you want is a hundred comments from people who can’t enter as the link won’t work for them.

Embed The Post On Your Website

If you want people on your website to be aware of your competition, embed your competition post on your website. This way, people won’t even have to leave your site to enter.

Promote The Contest Across Your Other Social Media Channels

Don’t forget to promote your content across all your social media channels. Pop a post on Instagram or Twitter telling people to head to your Facebook page to enter and win.

Promote The Contest To Your Email Subscribers

Send an email announcing the contest to your email subscribers. They will love being told about the competition personally and it can drive traffic to your competition post or your website.

Announce The Winner Publicly

Make sure you publicly announce the winner and do it in a timely fashion. If you’ve said you’ll announce the winner on a specific day, do it. Otherwise you’ll get people chasing you asking who’s won, and ain’t nobody got time for that!

Reward All Entrants

A nice touch can be to reward all entrants, even if they don’t win. An easy way to do this is offer a time sensitive promotion or a discount code for your store. It could be 10% off their next purchase from you, or a freebie the next time they spend a certain amount. The possibilities are endless and will make everyone feel engaged with your business, not just the winner.

Review Your Engagement

When the contest is over, look back over the engagement and reach the post got. Use these stats to figure out what worked well and what could be improved next time you run a Facebook contest.


What tips would you add to this? What’s worked well for your Facebook contest recently? Let us know in the comments.

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