7 Tips for Running a Facebook Contest in 2023

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A Facebook contest is something you’ve seen all over the platform, but how what things should you look out for when running your own?  

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If you’re looking to grow your Facebook page, a contest is an excellent way to do it! 

Running a contest on Facebook is a great way to drive engagement, build a community, and increase conversions. However, if done incorrectly, you could be putting your business at risk. 

Let’s take a closer look at a few of the best tips for running a Facebook contest in 2023. 

Can I run a contest on Facebook?  

Before you even think about running a Facebook contest, you should be considering whether or not you can (or should) run a Facebook contest. 

The short answer is yes! Contests are fine on Facebook. However, there are some things you should consider before getting started. The first step is to check Facebook’s Terms and Policies

1. Your Facebook contest is your responsibility

Before running any form of the contest on Facebook, you must ensure that you do so lawfully. Before launching a contest, you must: 

  • The official rules of your Facebook contest
  • Provide clear terms and conditions, and eligibility requirements
  • Ensure you’re compiling with Facebook’s regulations and local laws, especially those regarding gambling

2. Terms and Conditions 

When running a Facebook contest, having watertight terms and conditions is an absolute must. If you have the budget, we recommend seeking legal advice to ensure you’re covered.  

At a minimum, the terms and conditions for your Facebook contest should include:

  • Entrance eligibility, i.e. who is allowed to enter your contest
  • A clear breakdown of how to enter the contest
  • A detailed description of all prizes 
  • Details on when and how winners are picked 
  • How winners will receive their prizes
  • Start and end dates for the contest 

Tip: your terms and conditions should be easy to find and understand. The best practice is to create a landing page for your contest and link to it directly from Facebook. 

3. Your contest cannot be affiliated with Facebook

This is a big one. Unless you’ve managed to strike some kind of unbelievable deal with Facebook, the platform makes it abundantly clear that you let people know that your promotion is in no way affiliated with Facebook. 

As a safeguard, try including the following disclaimer in all contest content you post to Facebook: “The promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed, administered by, or associated with Facebook.”

4. Is your contest allowed on Facebook?

It should be no surprise that Facebook doesn’t simply allow any contests on its platform. If you’re looking to run a contest on Facebook, the platform allows the following: 

  1. Contests with randomly-selected winners 
  2. Contests requiring effort, and a winner is selected by a judge

From Facebook itself, “Common types of gambling or gaming activities which may require permission [from Facebook] include betting, lotteries, raffles, casino, fantasy sports, bingo, poker, skill game tournaments, and sweepstakes.”

5. Consider how people enter your contest 

According to Facebook, “Personal Timelines and friend connections must not be used to administer promotions (ex: “share on your Timeline to enter” or “share on your friend’s Timeline to get additional entries,” and “tag your friends in this post to enter” are not permitted).”

But what does this mean? Well, it means that you cannot encourage people to share your Facebook posts, share posts on a friend’s timeline, or tag people in your post to enter your contest. 

Facebook’s contest rules state that a contest can only be run from a Facebook Page, Event, App, or Group. Make sure you avoid launching a competition via your personal Facebook page. 

6. Consider using a giveaway tool

If the prospect of running a Facebook contest sounds daunting, there are third-party giveaway tools, like SweepWidget, that can help you out. 

Giveaway tools make it easy for people to enter your contest, and they often offer easy for people to gain additional entries. They’re a great option if you’re looking to grow your following on social media or increase the numbers on your email list. 

7. Get permission to use user-generated content 

Contests and user-generated content go together like peanut butter and jelly. However, before you go ahead and start using all of your users’ content to promote your contests, you need to get their permission. 

According to Facebook’s data collection policy, you need to “obtain user consent for your use of the content.”

To ensure you’re meeting this policy, consider adding a waiver to your competition’s terms and conditions, outlining that all participants give their consent for you to use their content.

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