Things to Know // Running a Facebook Contest

If you’re running a Facebook contest, there are a few – actually a lot – of things you need to know.

Just because it’s your page, it doesn’t mean you can make your own rules.

Not only does Facebook have a set of rules about running a Facebook contest, but you need to make sure you’re compliant with competition rules in your state or country.

Here are some key things you need to know about running a Facebook contest.

Read Facebook’s Guidelines

No matter how many competitions you see on Facebook stating people have to tag their friends, share the post or like their page to enter, it doesn’t mean you can do it.

All those methods of entry are NOT allowed by Facebook and if reported, your entire page could be taken down. Think about how hard you worked to build up your social media followers – are you really ready to risk it all for a simple contest?

You can read all the guidelines from Facebook on promotions here.

Check The Law

In Australia, things are slightly complicated as each state has its own competition rules. Depending on your state, find out the law around running a competition and make sure you follow the rules.

Pick A Contest Type

Decide what kind of Facebook contest you want to run and make sure it follows legal rules for competition entry. Do people simply have to like your post, or leave a genuine comment? Do they need to upload a photo or make a creative video?

The more difficult you make it, the fewer entries you may get, but that could be completely intentional. Some people are just serial competition enterers so it would most likely put them off and you would get a worthy winner.

Set Clear Rules For Entry

Make sure people know what they need to do to enter the competition. Don’t leave any room for ambiguity.

The last thing you want is people arguing why their entry wasn’t counted. This could lead to your competition being reported to either Facebook or the legal body in your state.

Choosing A Winner

Know how you’re going to pick a winner right from the start. Will they be chosen at random, or will it be a game of skill where you choose the best entry based on the rules of the contest?

If choosing a random winner, consider using a tool like RandomPicker or Woobox, which picks a random winner for you. That way no-one can accuse you of picking someone on purpose rather than by chance.

Also remember to announce the winner/s publicly for the same reason. Don’t hide the winners otherwise people may think there’s a reason you’re doing that!

Prize Rules

  • If you’re giving a voucher, service or product away, specify the rules around how the winner will receive or redeem it.
  • Make sure they know if there is a deadline to use it, if they need to collect it in person (and where from), or where you are willing to post or deliver the prize. If they enter and then realise they can’t redeem their prize, pick another winner.
Things to Know // Running a Facebook Contest