How to cross-promote a TikTok

We live in a content-hungry world. 

With so much time and effort going into producing content (especially for video) it’s a great idea to cross-promote the content you create for TikTok.  

While many social media platforms seem to be in direct competition with one another, there’s no reason why you should embrace a bit of synergy around the content you create for one platform vs another. If you’re set on creating specific content for each social media platform you use, consider trying to repurpose some content across multiple platforms.

TikTok is a fantastic example of how you can make content for a very specific platform and use it across others, with the goal of growing your following on both platforms. Plus, what have you got to lose? You’ve already spent the time to create the content for TikTok. Share it with your followers on other platforms.   

Let’s take a look and how (and why) you should cross-promote your TikTok content to other social media platforms.  

Why cross-promote your TikTok content

By the time you’ve conceptualised, written, shot, and edited a TikTok video, you may think your john is done as soon as you upload it to the popular platform. Well, think again. Just because you may have created a video specifically for TikTok, it doesn’t mean it can’t be posted to other social media platforms.

It’s important to keep in mind, however, that you shouldn’t post the same piece of content to multiple social media platforms all at once. Give your content time to breathe and grow before trying to cross-promote on another platform. 

The best TikTok platform to cross-promote 

If you’re looking for the best platform to cross-promote your TikTok content, look no further than Instagram. Instagram is a fantastic platform on which to share your TikTok videos. Why? Well, because why not? While you should be cautious branding your content on Instagram as content for TikTok, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t try and grow your account by sharing content between platforms. 

If you don’t feel comfortable leaving the TikTok branding on your videos, why not try posting the video to Instagram Reels

To save you TikTok video directly to your camera, simply follow these steps:

  • Open your published TiKTok video 
  • Tap Share. 
  • Click Save to Album.

Your TikTok video should now be saved directly to your phone, making it simple to upload to whichever platform you wish. 

Because they’re only 15 seconds in length, TikTok videos are fantastic for sharing as Instagram Stories. Make sure you remember to include a call-to-action, encouraging your followers to check you out in TikTok. 

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