The Best Time-Saving Tools and Strategies For Managing Multiple Social Media Accounts

Managing several social media accounts is unlocking stress levels of another kind.

Logging into multiple accounts, remembering what to post where and when, not to mention hashtags, editing and saving content and security.

It’s so many elements of one account, and when managing multiple accounts, it can get overwhelming and affect how you use your time wisely. 

Here are ten time-saving strategies when managing multiple social media accounts;

Managing log in details

One thing that takes unnecessarily long time when managing multiple accounts is logging in and out of accounts, and if you don’t have a systematic way of storing login details, then those are extra minutes adding up to hours every week.

Find a secure and systematic way to store login credentials. It can be as simple as an excel document that is password secured. Similarly, you can save passwords to your browser keychains that can only be accessed by code. This way your logins are readily accessible to you but there as soon as you need them.

Organising your camera roll

How many times have you scrolled through your camera roll to find something you had saved only to spend minutes scrolling and not being able to locate the image. There are several ways you can organise your camera roll but the simplest this is organising by album- dedicate one to each account you manage.

Saving content, you find

As much as it is easy to screenshot and save to your phone, it is even easier to save on platforms you use to schedule those posts later. Scheduling platforms like Later, Planoly and others allow you to search for accounts and hashtags and save content into your dashboard for use on your social media accounts. Makes live so easy and you don’t have to go on another scavenger hunt next time you need that piece of content.

Sit down and plan your content

For each social media account, you manage, square away a minimum of 4 hours on your calendar to map out an write our content. In this time look at the calendar and look at key dates, campaigns and brand messages you have to output and map them out on a calendar timeline.

This way when for example, International Day of Happiness pops up on you, you aren’t stressing about creating and outputting content because you’d have already mapped out your content opportunities. Sitting down and writing a week or a month’s worth of content in advance enables you to be time efficient. And this is because, firstly you are managing your time efficiently in this instance but also this step allows you to think through your content and be robust with it, not to mention proactive with finding better hashtags and picking up errors well in advance.

Schedule, schedule, schedule

We cannot say this enough. Great social media manager prepare and this is such a vital step in the entire process. The art of great content is diligence and timeliness. You can’t blame interaction levels when you posted a post 3 hours after your predetermined time because you were in a meeting. Take care of that well in advance espciallly now that there are so many great tools for scheduling and content management.

You can check out our blog on scheduling platforms here.

Replying and engaging

Scheduling platforms allow you to add all to multiple feeds to your dashboards from which you can respond an engage with your followers on your content. Reputation management is a big part of social media management and needs to happen in a timely fashion. Dedicate time to your calendar to do this in a time efficient manner otherwise, it will be in one of those things you keep pushing off and this affects growth strategy.

Automating tasks

We are honestly living in a digital haven of great tools that make us efficient. Automation is the process of setting up systems to work whether you’re around or not and especially useful when managing multiple social media accounts so you’re not stressing whether your weekend post has gone live while you’re out at brunch. Tools like Zapier allow you to sync up multiple apps so that when a certain activity happens, it kicks off a separate activity in another app. Zapier published a list of 101 ways to automate social media.

Sameera is a Social Media Strategist and Digital Content Manager. My passions lie strongly in influencer relations + digital strategy. I thrive on creating campaigns for brands and purposefully harnessing the power that influencer’s can bring to a marketing plan.