Schedule That // Tools for Instagram

Do yourself a favour and schedule that Instagram post.

Managing content across multiple social media channels is an art form in itself and no matter how good you are at time management, it always helps to get some assistance to get the most out of the content you share.

These Instagram scheduling tools can help you share content consistently and at your optimal posting times so you will never forget to post again.

There are so many great scheduling platforms out there and we have compiled a list of some of the best and our favourites with their features to help you keep on top of your Instagram feed. 


Skedsocial, the all in one tool for all your other social media platforms and another one of our top picks. It has a huge amount of features to help you take control of your social media management. Similar to Iconosquare, alongside your planning and scheduling features, it can also track your competitors depending on the plan you go for.

Another great feature for Skedsocial is their user generated content management. We all get those days where we need a little help with creating content and Skedsocial does just that. They can source content through specific hashtags or source content from Instagram posts you are tagged in so you’ll be sure to never run out of content to post.

  • You can manage over 10 Instagram accounts on the one platform.
  • You can edit your images and videos within the platform
  • Hitting the right demographic with product and location tagging
  • Schedule your first comment with the hashtags you want to use for the post
  • Their Link in Bio feature allows you make better use of your one given profile link and add multiple links.


Iconosquare is definitely up there in our top favourite scheduling tools with all it’s features you never knew you needed to make managing your Instagram even more of a breeze. Just like Buffer and Hootsuite, Iconosquare has the ability to plan and schedule your posts and stories, along with an overall content calendar to manage all your social media platforms. Iconosquare can also provide in-depth analytics for your Instagram profile, from profile engagements to post performances to help you optimize your content.

In addition to these features, Iconosaquare has really made managing your engagement easy and simple. With its ‘Conversation tab’, you can see all the comments left on your posts in chronological order and allows you to reply and send instantly (you can even add an emoji!). If your comments are in a different language, Iconosquare can even do an instant translation.

Here are some more awesome features on Iconosquare:

  • Image bulk upload –  allows you play around with them to see how it would look on your feed through Dropbox or OneDrive before scheduling.
  • Preview your feed – play around with the images in the Instagram grid form to see how they look next to each other.
  • Hashtag suggestions – recently used hashtags are stored as suggestions to be used again to help you keep hashtags consistent.
  • Benchmark – Iconosquare allows you to monitor other instagram profiles similar to yours to get an understanding of what content is working in your industry and see their performance metrics to use them to benchmark against your own.
  • Tags and mentions analytics – their insights can show you how your profile is being mentioned by other users on Instagram in comments, photos and captions.


With Buffer’s user friendly interface, it is certainly one of our favourite scheduling tools, you can plan and schedule your content on not only Instagram but across multiple social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Pinterest. 

Buffer allows you to tailor your posts and scheduling times for each of those platforms and help you even better manage your social media, the calendar functionality shows an overview of all the content that is due to be posted or set reminders for when it’s time to share your stories.

It is not only for scheduling content but it also acts as a team management tool where you can work together with your team to create content and even has drafting and approval functionalities.

Their Analyze feature can help you grow your reach, engagement and sales by analysing the performance of your content to help you work smarter rather than harder. This analytics dashboard can give you insights from the performance of all your social media platforms alongside one another.

Buffer is continuously improving their tools and as we know how important engagement is, Buffer is working on a few functionalities to help to managing your engagement, keep an eye out for what’s coming soon across all their plans:

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Never forget to post whether it be an image or a video directly to Instagram with Hootsuite for Instagram. Like some other scheduling tools, Hootsuite allows you to manage your posts as well as your stories and provide metrics for post performances directly from the app. It also has an integrated content calendar to view and manage all your social media accounts on the single dashboard.

A great functionality with Hootsuite is that it allows you to manage your engagement from responding to messages and comments in a timely manner.


Similar to the other scheduling tools, Planoly can help schedule and automatically post your content onto your feed and stories. Their grid preview feature is interactive, so it allows you to move your images around allowing you to visualise your feed before posting. It also allows you to work with a team, engage with your comments,tracking analytics and even reposting content directly from the app without having to screenshot and upload.  

Here are some other great features:

  • Hashtags – you can manage your hashtags and group them for fast posting specific to the type of content you are posting.
  • Social calendar – lets you see upcoming social media holidays and global holidays to help with creating content.
  • Discover – If you are ever stuck on creating content, this feature can help! It allows you to repost user generated content directly from the app.
  • Shop – Planoly provides an add on feature to help you manage your shop from mimicking the aesthetic of your normal feed to driving more sales. 


Later interactive and visual Instagram planner is extremely user friendly and like Iconosquare, it allows you to upload images in bulk and can help categorise your images into used and unused images . Their drag and drop calendar makes it easy for you to visualise and preview your feed and save to schedule.

Creating and scheduling your stories is also made easy with their editing features to keep your stories consistent and with a calendar with the best times to post, you’d be sure to see some great analytics on your stories.

Have you tried and tested any scheduling tools for your instagram? Let us know which is your favourite and what their best features are in the comments below.

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