Let’s Talk About UX Baby

There’s currently a big discussion going amongst designers, creatives and developers.

It’s like the cat vs dog discussions on Reddit, but User Experience (UX) has fewer memes. It goes a little like this:

“Websites should focus on user experience” decree the developers.

“What about all these fun and creative things we can do?” The creatives reply as they look up from their half-topped up soy lattes.

“They don’t matter, data does. It’s tried and tested,” quip back the developers.

“Won’t everything look the same?”

“We’ll let you choose a cool font and pretty colours.”

“Okay, that sounds alright… what about this nifty idea I came up with?”

“The data doesn’t support that.”

“Your face doesn’t support that!”

“That doesn’t make sense.”

And so on.

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Here’s the thing

User experience is an amazing tool, creating insights to reach new markets, it makes websites easier to use and actually has companies caring about how people interact with them and their product.

Here’s the other thing. Creatives and designers make that experience unique and different. They craft fun and interesting brand engagements. Otherwise every financial company you know would have a grey logo. 

creative emotional

So, put the thing with the other thing and what do you get? (Mind out of the gutter please). What you get is a balance. The truth is, successful communications should rely on both. What use is a creative website that makes you want to throw your computer in the bin. Likewise, how boring are endless websites that look the same?

Balance will be different between brands and products, but one thing’s for certain, those that consider both have a more stable base for success.   

Here’s for a healthier relationship between UX and creative.

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