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Are you hoping to improve your marketing success on the biggest social media platform in the world?

A Facebook Audit will offer you valuable insights as to whether or not your content is resonating with your followers. 

Our free download will also make sure you’ve successfully filled out all the important information on your profile.

After all, a complete profile makes your brand seem legitimate!

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What is a Facebook Audit?

A Facebook Audit is an analysis of your Facebook profile, the content you are posting, and your marketing efforts.

An audit will highlight areas that your brand needs to pay more attention to, and it will also help you better understand your followers.

By completing this audit, you will also ensure all your profile information is filled out correctly so your customers can gather information about your brand with ease.

Why do I need to complete a Facebook Audit?

With more than 600 million people visiting Facebook pages every month, it’s important to make sure you are publishing valuable content.

A social media audit will let you know which areas to focus your resources to get the best results. This is important information to know when it’s time to do the budget!

A Facebook Audit helps your brand to stay ahead of the competition. Remember, there are more than 70 million businesses on Facebook. It’s your job as a digital marketer to get every advantage you can over the competition.

Are you making sure your images/videos are to the correct dimensions? Are you scheduling content appropriately? We help you better understand the content you are posting and help you identify areas that need some improving.

How often should I complete this audit?

There is no definite answer as to how often you should complete a content audit. We would suggest monthly if you are very active across Facebook.

It’s also okay to do an audit every 3 months. Once you do your first audit you will have a better understanding about how often you should complete an audit.

Download your free audit and discover all the secrets that will help you improve your Facebook efforts for your business!

Facebook Audit // FREE DOWNLOAD