Jonathan Crossfield

Community Moderation // Mental Health in the Community

How can businesses and managers protect their community moderators from burning out?

Community Moderation // Putting away the big stick

Businesses of all shapes and sizes need to take social media moderation more seriously. But that doesn’t mean you need to be merciless with the ban button.

Why B2B Content Marketing Needs to Lighten Up

Businesses don’t sell to businesses. Businesses don’t even talk to businesses. Here are a few tips to avoid falling into the trap of boring B2B marketing.

The Cure for Post-Pandemic Images

The world has changed. And that means marketing images need to tell a different visual story to avoid looking out of place.

Code Breakers: Why Every Marketer Needs a Little HTML

When so much of marketing is digital, a marketer who doesn’t know even a little code is like a magazine editor who lacks basic grammar.

Do you want some values with your tea?

Social media is a highly effective way for a brand to demonstrate how its values extend beyond the website’s About Us page, or a few lines of artisanal calligraphy hanging on the wall of the office lunchroom.

Breaking off the (Social Media) Engagement

We’re constantly told that the Holy Grail is increased engagement. That would be fine if we could agree on what engagement actually is – and why it matters.

Laying Down the Law

Much of what we do in social media hinges on the assumption that I can’t be held liable for something you post. Obvious, right?

Not accepting replies at this time

Twitter has rolled out a new feature allowing users to specify who can reply to each of their tweets. Does it change anything for marketers?

Perfecting Pandemic Personas is a Post-Lockdown Priority

It’s worth considering how much the lockdown will have impacted the customers and online audiences your content and social media activities hope to reach.

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