8 Podcasts You Need to Check Out

Sean Huxley // 30th April 2018

Podcasts are exploding in popularity around the globe.

Much different to the radio, Podcasts give the listener control over the content they want to expose their precious ears to.

If you are a budding digital marketer trying to increase your knowledge, sometimes reading copious amounts of text on a computer screen can tire you out. If that’s the case, why not mix it up and get hooked on a podcast that will be sure to expand your wealth of social media information.

For your listening pleasure, We have put together a list of 8 Social, Digital and Tech Podcasts you need to be listening to.

(All Podcasts can be found on Spotify.)


The Science of Social Media

The Science of Social Media

Produced by Buffer, The Science of Social Media is a weekly update on social media marketing strategies. This series has over 11,000 weekly listeners and currently has 90 episodes for you to binge on. From social media beginner to expert, this series has something to offer for everyone.

Most Recent Episode: 21 Actionable Facebook and Instagram Video Tips You Can Try Today

Approximate Episode Duration: 15 – 30mins



Social Media Lab

Social Media Lab

Social Media Lab aims to increase the worth of your social media channels. Through a series of episodes, they conduct experiments that help provide quality data and insights that can help your campaigns. They discuss the best practices for social media marketing and help your brand build a successful ROI.

Most Recent Episode: Comparing Engagement on Facebook Live vs Uploaded Videos

Approximate Episode Duration: 10 – 20 mins



Social Media Marketing Talk Show

Social Media Marketing Talk Show

Brought to you by Social Media Examiner, this podcast brings you commentary on the latest social media and marketing news from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Snapchat. If you have an hour to spare each week, make sure you tune in.

Most Recent Episode: Instagram Rolls Out Focus Portrait Mode

Approximate Episode Duration: 1 hour



The Blog Millionaire

The Blog Millionaire

Blogging, SEO, social media marketing, email marketing, and WordPress tips are just some of the topics that host Brandon Gaille covers in this podcast series. The Blog Millionaire wants to help your site increase user traffic by becoming a blog master. This series has an extensive back catalogue of more than 80 episodes for your listening enjoyment.

Most Recent Episode: Pillar Two of the 4 Pillars of Blogging Success

Approximate Episode Duration: 10 – 20 mins


Social Pros

Social Pros

Jay Baer and Adam Brown co-host Social Pros, a deep-dive into leading social media strategies and trends. This series focuses on big companies and showcases how particular brands succeed in a digital domain. Episodes are quite lengthy in duration so make sure you have some time to sit down and take it all in.

Most Recent Episode: How the Houston Texans Engage Fans 365 Days per Year

Approximate Episode Duration: 35 mins – 1 hour




Viral Podcast

#Viral is still in its infancy stage. Having only launched in March 2018, and with 3 episodes to its name, the listening quantity does not stack up to the other podcasts in this list. But the quality certainly does. Hosted by Natalie Alzate, this podcast offers an entertaining listen into the world of videos in social media. Each week she interviews emerging digital media stars and provides an insight into their success. In episode 2 she talks with Karina Garcia, the YouTuber who rose to fame with slime videos. The episode discusses how Garcia created a business from the success of the slime videos.

Most Recent Episode: YouTube OG Joey Graceffa

Approximate Episode Duration: 1 hour – 1:15 mins


Digital Marketing Podcast

Digital Marketing Podcast

Enjoy a weekly podcast specializing in digital marketing techniques and strategies that will be sure to boost your knowledge. This series focuses on building online communities and offers expert advice on what you shouldn’t do when it comes to digital marketing. This series is the perfect duration to listen to during your commute to work.

Most Recent Episode: 10 Myths of E-commerce Part II

Approximate Episode Duration: 20 – 40 mins



WSJ Tech News Briefing

Tech News Briefing

This podcast covers leading social media news, consumer trends, new technology and app features, perfect for when you have 10 minutes to kill. The Wall Street Journal is a reputable source of information and their expert journalists make for an enjoyable listen.

Most Recent Episode: Zuckerberg Says Facebook Made ‘Huge Mistake’

Approximate Episode Duration: 5 – 10 mins



The Vergecast

The Vergecast

This podcast series is your one-stop-shop for all technology news.  If you need to stay updated with Apple, Android, Cambridge Analytcia, Google and all things in-between make sure you have a listen each week for an in-depth review of tech news. There are 300 episodes in this series, but as they are mostly time-relevant there is really no need to go through their back catalogue.

Most Recent Episode: Chat for Android, Nintendo Labo and Motorola (like a) G6

Approximate Episode Duration: 1 hour – 1:15 mins



Are you listening to something that we’re not? Please let us know in the comments.

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