5 Minutes With Adam Barrell

Let’s be honest, the SMPerth community is a pretty awesome bunch!

Each fortnight we’re bringing you ‘5 Minutes with’ some of our top members, and this week we caught up with Adam Barrell – Co-founder and Managing Director of So Media Group!

Adam has been part of the SMPerth community from the beginning and was the speaker of our August 2013 event at Frisk. From early days as the brains behind TweetPerth to his current role as MD of So Media Group, Adam is a force to be reckoned with in the Perth digital economy.

Favourite Drink

For work purposes I would say double expresso shot on ice #SoNYC. Great way to kick start the morning and get the brain into gear.

Favourite platform and why?

Twitter is definitely my favourite and go to social network first thing every morning. Twitter is still the most powerful social media tool, when used correctly you can filter through the 500 million tweets a day to find streams of activity for personal use or related to your brand/industry instantly.

Prediction for what’s hot in digital marketing in the next 6 months?

Not just for the next 6 months but on-going – content and distribution. For starters you can’t have one without the other. Good content will only get you to the starting line in today’s digital world. With the amount of digital activity users consume or better still… ignore – how will your brand ensure that your quality content reaches your desired audience? Without distribution be it owned social/digital channels, social advertising or influencer and 3rd party networks the content you invested resources in will fail and you won’t even be able to start the race.

What digital marketing trend do you think is totally overrated?

Worrying about the size of your following.

It is not about how many followers you have or your competitors has – it’s all about how you engage your community/new audiences daily and how you are continuously evolving your strategy to influence them to act on your brand’s required goals. Do this and the follower number will take care of itself.

Remember back to your first SMPerth, what would you tell yourself to keep in mind?

You never know who you will meet at SMPerth so make sure to get there!