5 Minutes With Jack Geerssen

Let’s be honest, the SMPerth community is a pretty awesome bunch!

Each fortnight we’re bringing you ‘5 Minutes with’ some of our top members, and this week we caught up with Jack Geerssen, a Digital Consultant with Cannings Purple.

Jack GeerssenJack has been attending #SMPerth Events on and off for a few years now and can always be found with the rest of the pack from Cannings Purple.


Favourite drink?

Coffee (Flat white please!)


Favourite platform and why?

Instagram. It’s a nice and simple interface. I’m proud of my travel photos, and I enjoy seeing what my favourite channels are posting.


Prediction for what’s hot in digital marketing in the next 6 months?

I predict continued growth in augmented and virtual reality. The challenge for companies will be to develop new and creative ways to use this technology. Last year, Mark Zuckerberg unveiled a VR prototype of Facebook at Oculus Connect. This will entice brands to take up this technology.


What digital marketing trend do you think is totally overrated?

I never quite caught on board with the buzz around QR codes. A little bit too fidgety for my liking.


Remember back to your first SMPerth, what would you tell yourself to keep in mind?

Be calm, relaxed, and meet as meet as many people as you can. Enjoy it!