Jenn Herman speaks at #StateofSocial19

Instagram blogger Jenn Herman says one of the biggest mistakes social media managers and marketers make is thinking Facebook and Instagram are the same thing.

“They assume that if Facebook makes a big change with algorithms that Instagram will do the same thing and they do not,” she said.

Ms Herman told the audience at State of Social ’19 to think of Facebook as a big popularity contest, and Instagram is an individual component; “as people interact more with your content, you rank higher in their feeds but just because everybody likes it doesn’t mean that other people are going to see it any differently. It’s an individual interaction,” she said.

Jenn Herman said both social media platforms use completely different sets of algorithms; “the algorithms of hashtags, stories and the feed are all different and should be treated as such,” she said.

Ms Herman also talked about the popularity of ‘small group environments’ such as stories and group chats, saying “this is a big shift and why I think people are regaining better relationships with social media. It’s a great community building tool”.

On Instagram, Jenn Herman says less is more when it comes to content, with the author needing to put an emphasis on providing ‘thumb stopping visual content that appeals to the audience’.

She also reminded everyone to have fun when using social media; “people can try so hard to do the algorithm etc. but it’s when they throw up some random whimsical Instagram story that all of a sudden they get all of these impressions and people are replying like crazy,” she said.


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