State of Social

Who’s on the bill at State of Social ’20?

Announcing a trifecta of speaking talent for State of Social ‘20. Tom Goodwin. Matthew Kobach. Jenn Herman. And that’s just for starters.

State of Social is back in 2020

Think brainstorming workshops, international speakers and paradigm-shifting discussions. Think two days of digital discovery. Think State of Social.

State of Social ’19 // The Recap

With 3 international keynotes, 3 interstate presenters and a group of local panellists, #StateofSocial19 delivered a smorgasboard of information. Here’s a recap of the stories we told.

The life-changing (and terrifying) technology that’s around the corner

The tech revolution is ongoing. But are you ready for what’s next? As much as digital technology and social media over the past 10 to 15 years have completely altered the way we live, there is much, much more disruption to come – and some of it is as terrifying as it is awe-inspiring.

Chris Messina speaks at #StateofSocial19

Technologist Chris Messina, the inventor of the #, presented his first ever public discussion on future technologies since leaving Silicon Valley to become a digital nomad, in February of this year.

Kim McKay speaks at #StateofSocial19

If you want your brand to be around beyond the next decade, it’s time to focus on influence, warns Kim McKay. Actually, the founder of Klick X – one of the Asia-Pacific region’s most awarded communications agencies – says she’d be focusing on “little else”.

Privacy and trust top trends as consumers change social use

An increased focus on privacy, joining smaller social media groups rather than posting updates publicly, and distrust of everything from voice technology to Facebook itself are just some of the real trends being seen in social media use in 2019.

Jenn Herman speaks at #StateofSocial19

Instagram blogger Jenn Herman says one of the biggest mistakes social media managers and marketers make is thinking Facebook and Instagram are the same thing.

Matt Navarra speaks at #StateofSocial19

Matt Navarra told State of Social ’19 that Facebook pages are becoming less of a focus with groups, communities, messaging apps and bots considered areas of importance.

Fake news an opportunity for traditional media

The rise of “fake news” is actually an opportunity for traditional publications and journalists to stand out based on quality, credibility and trust.

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