State of Social

What you’ll learn at State of Social ’19

Red-hot social trends. Blue-sky digital speculation. An all-day grey-cell workout. Don’t learn the hard way. Grab your ticket to State of Social 2019 while you still can.

Six weeks to go until State of Social ’19

Only six weeks to go! Here’s your State of Social ’19 countdown – our top ten reasons to book your place before time – and tickets – run out. powerhouse Chris Wirasinha to join State of Social ’19

How is the digital landscape changing? Ask the guy who landscaped it, digital publishing and powerhouse Chris Wirasinha.

Top Instagram Tips from Jenn Herman

Give it some personality. So many people, especially businesses, try to make it too ‘corporate’. That’s not what Instagram is.

Meet the founder of the hashtag

When Chris Messina took his idea for something called a ‘hashtag’ to Twitter, they rejected it out of hand.

Digital strategy and content pioneer, Jonathan Harley joins State of Social ’19

Stop press! Start tweeting! Jonathan Harley, digital content and new-news pioneer, is speaking at State of Social ’19.

Supersize your digital learnings and earnings

Big up your digital knowledge, social network and rep. State of Social 2019 is going large, with a bigger tribe and more big-name speakers sharing big ideas, tactics and strategies.

Hashtag inventor Chris Messina to join State of Social

What’s the next big thing for social and digital? Ask Chris Messina, digital doyen and hashtag inventor, at State of Social 2019 in Perth.

Become a social and digital superhero overnight

Come along to State of Social 2019 super-hungry. Leave a social and digital superhero, with a head full of real insights and real strategies.

Why should you attend State of Social? [VIDEO]

State of Social is all about spotting the next big social and digital waves and helping you surf them. Get your tickets today >>

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