The Top 3 Takeaways for Marketers from F8

At the recent F8 conference, a 10 year road map for Facebook was laid out with some major changes that marketers need to prepare themselves for.

These are the big ones we think will affect your businesses marketing efforts.

Augmented Reality

Instead of a pair of futuristic glasses (although, they did say that they could be as close as 5 years away), your smart phone’s camera will be your way portal to augmented reality, with the possibility of adding a virtual information card to products or adding 3D objects to your camera view.

Although it’s still probably two to three years off for some of the bigger AR visions, Facebook has launched the Facebook Camera Effects Platform which allows you to create frames for profile photos or on the Facebook camera, as well as animated masks or filters for the Facebook camera and Facebook Live.

This gives marketers a whole new way to connect and educate their audience. In terms of the more sophisticated AI technologies to come, it provides a new way to interact and be a point of research for brands. The introduction of Camera Effects Platform is the first real taste of AI to Facebook, and if the popularity of Snapchat filters is anything to go by, there is a big opportunity for brands to create frames and special effects on Facebook.

Virtual Reality

In 2014 Facebook bought Oculus Rift, and we’ve all been patiently waiting for Facebook to take the step into Virtual Reality. This is where Facebook Spaces comes in.

This is the first VR initiative that is actually social. Although when you’re in VR you’re immersed in a different world, you are well and truly on your own. Facebook Spaces is a virtual hang out for you and your friends.

Realistically, while marketers have a while before they can take advantage of this technology, the possibilities are endless. Imagine standing in a hotel room before you’ve even booked the holiday, teaching in a classroom with students scattered all over the world or trying products virtually before you buy.


There’s a lot happening to Messenger from Bots to Discovery, to M, the messenger virtual assistant. Here are some of the biggest:

Parametric Codes: Ever wanted to learn more about an event you’re at? Now you’ll be able to scan a parametric code that will link you to a bot on Messenger to provide you with more information.

Chat Extensions: If you love group chat, you’ll love the new chat extensions. Now multiple people can chat to the same business at the same time.

Smart Replies: Managing private messages on a business page can be hard to juggle. Now a smart bot is available to businesses to create answers to your most commonly asked questions, saving you time, energy and providing great customer service – which could even lower your businesses staffing requirements.

These changes to Messenger provide marketers a great opportunity to communicate with customers 24/7.


What do you think? Did you watch any of the F8 presentations? What are you most excited about – we’d love to know!