VIDEOS WE LOVE: If Google Was a Guy (Part 5)

Is Superman circumcised?

Yep, someone out there has asked Google this question!

This, and more, ridiculous questions feature in CollegeHumor’s If Google was a Guy (Part 5).

The thing is, everyone is guilty of it. Come on, don’t try to deny it, you know you have. We all treat Google as our source of truth. We really should be thankful we have it too. How on earth did people solve their arguments before the Internet?

Then there are the hours of entertainment it gave us when we asked it to ‘do a barrel roll’.

Plus, it’s great for diagnosing those weird symptoms and saves the embarrassment of going to a real doctor. Except for when the results tell you you have cancer, that’s a bit unnerving.

Have you ever thought about how many dumb questions you’ve asked Google? Can you imagine how annoying all those questions would be if you were the ‘Google Guy’?

Thank goodness it’s not an actual person….Wait it’s not, is it? Hey Google, are you an actual person?

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