5 Minutes With Andrew Doyle

Perth has produced some incredible digital talent and we want to show them off!

Each fortnight we’re bringing you ‘5 Minutes with’ some of Perth’s best digital people; and this week we caught up with Andrew Doyle – Digital Marketing Freelancer from Doyle Digital. 


Andrew Doyle

Job Title

Digital Marketing Freelancer

Favourite drink

I’ve got a fairly unsophisticated pallet when it comes to drinks; it more or less all tastes the same to me. When out, I usually indulge in the cheapest Scotch and Coke available.

Nothing but class here!

Favourite platform and why?

Google Ads. I love the high-relevance and how honest/transparent ads get the best results, not the click-baity type of stuff.

The ability to make significant changes overnight and see the results the very next day is fantastic, too.

That immediate feedback is something you don’t get with SEO, where you can make significant changes to a website and it may take Google a week, a month, or more to fully apply credit to those chances and to re-think where your website fits amongst your competitors.

Prediction for what’s hot in digital marketing in the next 6 months?

Many brands are not fully utlising the Google Display Network past remarketing, yet. This is something that Google are trying desperately to push and will likely result in higher adoption.

YouTube advertising is another major opportunity but because visual creative is needed to get started, the barrier to entry is higher than just writing up Google Ads or getting a designer to mock up image ads.

LinkedIn is also getting a lot more popular but few people are able to make it work. Unlike other platforms, it’s not something where you throw money at – but time and effort. People on LinkedIn offering value, helping people and being approachable get leads and not the guy with the killer Connect+Pitch combo or the InMail spam.

What digital marketing trend do you think is totally overrated?

This will ruffle some feathers but I’ll go out and say SEO, or to be more accurate, link building.

There are a lot of agencies that will put clients on a 12/24 month contract and after a bit of on-page work, the work is mostly outsourced to a link building company. This “strategy” is becoming far less effective as Google’s algorithm evolves.

Lengthy, well-written copy on the website, PR, with a focus on online publications, and clever content marketing is the best ways to advance your SEO efforts right now and going forward.

Remember back to your first SMPerth, what would you tell yourself to keep in mind?

Move through the room quicker! It’s very easy to get talking to one group, then next minute you look around and everyone’s gone.