Intern Profile: Ciaran Foster

Name: Ciaran Foster
Job Description: #SMPerth Intern

Ciaran has always been drawn to the screen like a moth to light. Metaphors aside, writing and digital technology are a constant source of intrigue and led him into his current degree.

Ciaran studies Film, Video and Advertising at ECU where he is producing his own content, and learning the ins and outs of some rapidly changing industries. He’s enticed by these broad study areas due to their opportunities for creative outlets, that he has been looking for since his first 2001: A Space Odyssey experience.

A Perth native, when not travelling, Ciaran can be found working part time jobs around the city. Sport is a pillar of his life and he follows several leagues world-wide. He’s an avid Houston Rockets, Liverpool FC, and West Coast Eagles fan. Think of a league and he’ll have a team.

Ciaran has travelled to some of the lesser known parts of the world. During a school trip to Cambodia, he taught English at schools around the country. More recently he spent a month on exchange in Réunion Island to develop his dubious French speaking and listening skills. Despite the language barrier, the exchange reaffirmed a passion for communication, and all the varieties of it.

Looking to the future, Ciaran hopes to learn as much as possible under the guidance and expertise of Meg and is happy to be an intern at #SMPerth. Whatever the future holds, he will continue to travel, create and follow an excessive amount of sports teams.

Ciaran Foster
Ciaran is a Media and Communications student from Perth. He has a passion for anything film or sports related, or both (Shaolin Soccer).