Member Profile: Alex Bell

Name: Alex Bell
SMPerth Photographer
Job Description: Photographer
Twitter: @sundaysunset_me
Website: www.sundaysunset.com

A Few Words: sundaysunset.images is my creative outlet and artistic freedom as a local Western Australian photographer. I’m passionate about capturing the natural beauty and great outdoors that our bountiful land Australia has to offer.

Having grown up in the UK, when leaving school I went on to become a musician as I wanted to be a “pop star”. I made several records with numerous chart success and was even on “Blue Peter” the television program. Throughout this time I got to travel the world so started taking more and more pictures.

In 2002 I moved to Perth in Western Australia and started to spend more time with my photography, firstly shooting a lot of portrait work before focusing on landscapes and seascapes. I love being outdoors and I love exploring new places and seeing them during different seasons and times of the day. I now use digital cameras and “develop” my images on computer. It’s a big change from my first Brownie but it’s all very exciting with what can be achieved.

When I’m not holding an image capturing device, my hands are full with having fun and cherishing moments with my two adorable and energetic sons!

Since starting sundaysunset.images in 2009, I have captured numerous images of the land and sea around Australia that are resplendent in its detail, colour and composition. My images have been shared around the world through various social media avenues and, recognised for their creativity and stark beauty.

Today I now spread my creativity over commercial / fashion / event and landscape photography.

Taking pictures is more about what you feel than what you see. A photograph can mean different things to different people. There’s a story behind every one of my images.