Intern Profile: Sameera Afzaal

SMPerth // 31st July 2017

Name: Sameera Afzaal
Job Description: #SMPerth Intern June 2017 to February 2018
Twitter: @sameera_afzaal

The world of communications has always intrigued Sameera. Growing up in Nairobi she remembers Coco-Cola activations during the Christmas time that created hype, happiness, and an everlasting fantastic memory. Her teenage years were accompanied by the mantra “Hello Moto!” and the hot pink Motorola flip phones that were all the rage.

Then the meaning of communications shifted for her as she took her first solo week long trip to Melbourne at 17, to work with the Melbourne Theatre Company during the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. During the day she was attending acting and drama workshops, learning the language of simple communication from Australia’s best dramatics and in the evenings she attended shows at the Comedy Festival. She recalls it as a week of a magical blur!

When Sameera moved away to university, social media became a way for her to keep in contact with her family and friends. She started on Instagram documenting her daily life at university, and by the second year of her public relations and web communications double major she launched her lifestyle blog, DYNAMIQUE BLOG. The blog’s Instagram reached 800 followers within the first week of the launch, and in 2017, Sameera has worked with global brands like Estee Lauder, ASOS, and Bobbi Brown to create innovative and engaging content on her blog.

Sameera has also worked with several marketing and communication teams to execute public relations and influencer based campaigns. She is an avid believer in collaboration, and when she is not on her laptop working, she is most likely chatting to fellow influencers and creatives all over the world. Sameera has been on three panels speaking as a blogger, young entrepreneur and on digital innovation.

Sameera is obsessed with digital trends and social media innovation. She has been a tech commentator for several online publications connecting the technique of brilliant campaigns to simple messages. She sees social media as more than just curated content but more so a lifestyle, building a way of life or selling a lifestyle – it is the same methodology like Coca-Cola’s activation or an unforgettable statement like Hello Motto! It is about creating that moment of resonation.

Her favorite social media platform to date is Snapchat. You can snap or tweet her to ask her why.


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