Intern Profile: Sean Huxley

Name: Sean Huxley
Job Description: #SMPerth Intern June 2017 to February 2018
Twitter: @SeanHux

“If there were a top 5 list of people named Sean, I would rank 4th, no doubt!” claims Sean Huxley.

  1. Sean Connery (Bond, James Bond)
  2. Sean “P.Diddy” Combs
  3. Sean Parker (of Napster fame)
  4. Sean Huxley
  5. There really are no other notable Sean’s.

Sean can trace his love for design and all things internet back to the days of designing his Myspace page circa 2004.  Sean describes this period as a magical time which really showed the endless possibilities the internet had to offer.

“I could create majestic, out of this world Myspace pages (Fallout Boy background? Heck Yes!), and I would lend my expertise to my friends for a small fee… What was that fee you ask? What every 14-year-old wants, to be included in your top 8 friends list.”

These days Sean has greater aspirations for his work far beyond inclusion in your top 8 friends list. Sean wants his work to promote community cohesion, add value to people’s lives and create meaningful relationships with the people he works with.

As the years rolled on and Myspace disappeared into the abyss Sean decided to head to Murdoch University and continue his love of design and the World Wide Web.  Nearing completion of a double degree consisting of Graphic Design and Web Communication has allowed Sean to cultivate his design, writing and communication skills. Often drawing similarities to the usefulness of a Swiss army knife, Sean is well trained in Adobe editing software, film, sound, writing and web strategy.

More recently, Sean has filmed and edited promotional video for Native Arc Animal Rehabilitation Centre which was shown to major sponsor Bankwest. Sean has also developed film and imagery content for Perth City Farm’s social media platforms and more recently designing and coding a new website for Asetts, a non-for-profit organisation providing support for refugees.

When Sean is not passionately working on design projects or perusing the internet for inspiration he spends his time performing in a Beach Boys tribute band (this is true, please don’t laugh), hanging out with his two cats – Shaquille and Clawdia (Claw-dia – get it?) or taking in a hike through the Perth hills.

Sean is extremely excited to become a #SMPerth intern and has full faith that under the guidance of Meg and the rest of the team at #SMPerth he can expand his skillset and forge meaningful working relationships with so many talented people within the Perth community.

Sean feels privileged for the opportunity he has at #SMPerth and looks forward to meeting you all at future events.