The Social Media Dictionary: 2019 Online Terms, Slang and Acronyms

Have you ever wondered what OOTD, ELI5, TL;DR, or GRWM means?

If so, you’re certainly not alone!

As part of our Social Media Dictionary blog series, we’ve collected a huge list of online terms, slang, words and acronyms to keep you up to speed with all the new lingo.

So get the notepad ready, you might want to write some of these down for future references.

How do words get added to the Macquarie dictionary?

For a word to be included in the Macquarie dictionary, its must be proven to be accepted by the community. The word must appear in different contexts, for a sustained period of time.

Editors read books, newspapers, search the internet, listen to the radio and their day-to-day conversations to discover new words.

Macquarie has its own computer database of Australian writing which can scan for citations of use. Other technology also helps to search online for new words being regularly used.

Different types of content

ASMR: This stands for “Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response”. ASMR is a popular search on YouTube. The videos are typically about soft, calming sounds to assist with sleeping, meditation or study.

Challenges: Ever heard of the #bottlecapchallenge? These challenges are driven by social media and are popular on tiktok and Instagram. 

GRWM: “Get Ready With Me”. These are videos of the creator getting ready for something. These videos are usually done live so the person can chat to their followers while they get ready.

Hauls: Haul videos are when a creator shows their followers a bunch of things they’ve recentley got. Large influencers often do “Haul Videos” to show what they’ve been given by brands and sponsors.

OOTD: “Outfit of the day” – this is used on Instagram so people can show their followers what they’re wearing.

Internet acronyms and slang

F:  Following. People comment “F” when they want to follow a post but don’t want to comment anything else.

NIL: Next in line is used on Facebook buy and sell groups. If an item has been sold, someone can write NIL if the buyer pulls out.

DAE: Does anyone else. This is a term used when people share something embarrassing.

ELI5: Explain like I’m 5. This basically means explain it to me with the easiest explanation possible.

FTFY: “Fixed that for you” means that someone has fixed an error you made on a post.

AF: This means “As F*ck”, and is used to describe something in excess. For example, on a chilly morning you could say “It’s cold AF outside”.

LEL: Lel a satirical abbreviation of lol – laugh out loud.

YEET: YEET means to very happy about something. It’s also a popular dance move.

THIRSTY:  No, we don’t want a glass of water. Thirsty is slang for being very interested in another person.

Digital Marketing Jargon

Content: The digital material available to users, via text, video, audio, images, etc

Conversion/Goal:  The action you want visitors to perform.

Conversion optimisation: ­ The process of increasing the percentage of visitors who complete your goals.

Crawler: A program designed to systematically browse content on the Internet and collect information about it to help searchers find what they’re looking for.

Impressions: The number of times an advert is shown.

Paid listings: ­ Advertisements that appear on search engines results pages.

Pay-per-click: ­ An advertising system in which advertisers pay for users to click on their advertisements.

Traffic acquisition: ­ The process of attracting visitors ­ often referred to as traffic­ to websites and mobile apps.

Unique visitor: A single visitor to a website during a specific period of time.

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