40 useful PC keyboard shortcuts for social media pros

Being a social media manager, we often find ourselves on multiple platforms completing the same tasks throughout the day.

Whether it be retweeting, liking, commenting, or posting a status.

We do these tasks often enough so why not aspire to do them as quickly and efficiently as possible? Let’s be honest, “Ctrl + C” and “Ctrl + V” has saved everyone hours of labor over the years! A good keyboard shortcut will ingrain itself into your memory and have you completing more tasks throughout the day.

To help save your precious time we have compiled a list of 40 useful PC keyboard social media shortcuts for social media pros.

We have broken this post down into shortcuts for Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.



n – New Tweet

l – like

r – reply

t – Retweet

m – Direct message

b – block user

u – Mute user

o – Expand Photo

/ – Search

. – Load new Tweets

Space – Page down

Ctrl + Enter – Send Tweet

g + h – Home

g + o – Moments

g + n – Notifications

g + r – Mentions

g + p – Profile

g + l – Likes

g + I – Lists

g + m – Messages

g + s – Settings

g + u – Go to user



j, k – Scroll up and down between News Feed stories

p – Post a new status

l – Like or unlike the selected story

c – Comment on the selected story

s – Share the selected story

o – Open attachment of the selected story

enter – See more of the selected story

Alt + 4 – Inbox

Alt + 6 – Settings

Alt + m – New Message



j – Rewind 10 seconds

l – Fast forward 10 seconds

m – Mute sound

k – Play/pause

f – Toggle full screen

c – Captions (if supported)

Arrow left key – Move backward 5 secs

Arrow right key – Move forward 5 secs


To help you out in the future be sure to screenshot the graphic below with our most important keyboard shortcuts.


keyboard shortcuts

Sean graduated from Murdoch University in 2017 and went from intern to Account Manager with Coffey & Tea. He also contributes to Social Media Perth.