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How Corona Virus Impacts on Influencer Marketing

How Corona virus impacts influencer marketing? This info will provide guidance for marketers and influencers during such an uncertain and challenging time.

Facebook Ads // How to Use Custom Audiences

With more than 2 billion people on Facebook, it’s key that your brand is targeting your ideal audience with Custom Audiences. Here’s our step-by-step guide

Top 10 Social Media Fails of 2019

As we begin a new year, we look back at the previous years epic social media fails. Grab the popcorn, here’s the Top 10 Social Media Fails of 2019!

7 Books You Need to Read This Summer

7 books you need to read this summer! There’s something for everyone on this list – podcasting, brand collaboration, Instagram marketing, chatbots and more.

10 Keys to Savvy Influencer Marketing Campaigns

Social media platforms are saturated with content and brands need to find new ways to stand out, such as Influencer Marketing Campaigns. 

Tips for improving your Facebook Group community

A Facebook group community is also a great way to increase engagement with members, while also encouraging authentic conversation about your brand. 

10 ways your brand is wasting time on Facebook

According to the latest Sensis report, the average Australian spends nearly 10 hours a week using Facebook.

AANA Guidelines for Brands Working With Influencers

We wanted to look at some of the key problems from the previous guidelines developed by The Australian Association of National Advertisers (AANA).

Instagram Story Ads // Rules and Best Practices

Want to get started with Instagram Story ads? We’ll explain some best practices that will help you achieve impressive results with Instagram Stories.

Authentically Engage With Your Social Media Followers [VIDEO]

We love it when our social media followers comment on our posts. But, how can we save time and respond to comments while maintaining authenticity?

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