4 Top-Rated Tools to Help You Measure Your Content ROI

Imagine throwing a birthday party and then asking each of your guests if they had a great time.

How much time would you need to gather some feedback on your party?

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Probably way too much, or at least a lot more than necessary. 

Luckily, when it comes to gathering feedback on your content – or even better, measuring how much revenue your content generates – you don’t need to ask your readers what they liked and where they clicked.

You can measure it all automatically by using a marketing tool that will help you collect, organize and analyze relevant data.

Check out our list of top 5 marketing analytics tools we believe everyone should add to their toolbox.


HubSpot allows you to collect, track, and analyze all your data in one place and do it straightforwardly.

It saves your time and helps you monitor everything related to a specific campaign “under one roof”. That way, you can easily determine which blog posts have the best conversion rate, which offers are the most attractive to your visitors, and which articles didn’t live up to your expectations.

This tool helps you identify and attribute conversions to specific pieces of content, so you can later easily create reports to show your clients how your content marketing efforts are paying off.


Tracking your website activity is one of the most important things you should do to know what content brings you the most ROI.

Many marketers opt for Improvely, which is software that monitors happenings on your website in a very clear manner and allows you to take action accordingly.

Improvely helps you to trace a specific purchase back to your customer’s decision point. You can learn what blog post helped this prospect decide to buy and then analyze it to use the same structure or topic in the future to get more customers.

Pretty Links

Pretty Links is an ideal plugin for those who use affiliate links on their website to make more money.

This tool helps you track clicks on affiliate links in your blog posts. Once you know what links have the most clicks, you can easily determine which calls to action are the most effective and identify the source where most of your affiliate purchases come from.

The Pretty Links plugin is an effective tool even for those who don’t have any affiliate links, since it tracks any link clicks – including internal and external links in your content.


If, at some point within your lead life cycle, you need to make calls, it’s helpful to have a tool that can efficiently track these calls and attribute them to your content.

CallRail can track, record, and analyze phone calls you have with your leads, and it’s easily integrated with other platforms, which allows you to get an even closer insight into how successful your content is.

Then, you can easily determine what blog posts or offers generate the most ROI for your business.

Leverage Top Tools for Top Results

In content marketing strategy analysis, it’s critical to monitor the performance of your blog posts and other pieces of content so you can do one of the following:

  1. Improve them if they’re not generating enough ROI or
  2. Replicate your most successful content to get even more customers.

To do that, you need efficient tools that can easily collect and display data, so you can then analyze it and create an actionable plan for the future. We’re sure these four tools will change the way you work on your content for the better.