CTA: Why You Need a Call to Action

The three most important words in social.

CTA: three letters that just might be the answer to all of your conversion woes. Having a strong call to action is so important, yet often overlooked.

Do you want more email subscribers? Website traffic? Conversions? Entries in a contest?

You won’t get your desired outcome without the right call to action.

As marketers, we’re always trying to prompt our audience to take a specific action; to gain more information, leave a comment, partake in a free trial, download an ebook, or subscribe to something. A good call-to-action on a social post makes all our marketing dreams come true and can increase website traffic, sales, leads and conversion rates.

Here’s how to get your audience to do what you want, without being bossy!

Use command words

In a busy, modern world, consumers actually like being told what to do! By starting your CTA with a command verb, such as “Download our eBook” or “Claim your free trial”, you’re giving your audience a straightforward, direct task to follow, eliminating any additional thinking.

Give them a reason

Audiences are primarily interested in how they can benefit, so use your CTA to tell them precisely what it will do for them. Will they save money? Live a better life? Will they lose weight? Focus on how your audience will feel and what they will have after they follow the CTA; an example here would be “Trade your email for 15% off” or “Join free for a month”.

Spark urgency

Fear of missing out is always motivating to consumers. If they think they’re going to miss out on a great opportunity, they’ll be quick to get involved. Try CTAs that implies immediacy and urgency, such as “Book your spot now” or “Shop before it sells out”, to get you some additional clicks.

Keep it simple

You’ve only got precious seconds to get your message across to your audience, so get straight to the point. Make sure your CTA is crisp and clean and eliminate any words that aren’t necessary; for example, “Get started”, “Learn more” and “Join now” are used everywhere because they are effective.

Spice it up (if you need to)

The only way you’ll know if your CTAs are working is if you test it out. If your audience isn’t responding to your CTAs, it might be time to shake it up a little and get creative. Some out of the box CTAs we’ve seen include “Take me there”, “Follow the magic”, “Get involved” and “Let’s start a project together”.

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