Tips for improving your Facebook Group community

Facebook community groups are a great place for members to learn, discuss and share information to like-minded individuals.

A Facebook group community is also a great way to increase engagement with members, while also encouraging authentic conversation about your brand. 

In this post we’ll show you how you can improve your Facebook group to better serve your community of loyal followers.

You can always check out the video version if this post is too long.

Have a clear description and use moderators to keep content on-topic

Your members should have a clear understanding about what the group is when they join.

Be clear about how the group will function; what information and content will be shared; and what will your members get out of this group.

Your description will be visible to non-members if your group is public or closed.

Create Moderators

Facebook groups are a way for members to get more value out of your brand. It’s important to keep the discussion based on group topics. The best way to ensure this is to assign moderators.

To do this:

  • Click the members tab and find the member you wish to assign as a moderator.
  • Click the button next to their name
  • select Make Moderator

The selected member will receive an invitation to become a group moderator. If they accept, they can begin moderating posts and comments in the group.

Create rules for group discussion

Rules are important in Facebook group so the discussion doesn’t go off topic.  Having rules outlined also lets members know how they’re expected to behave and interact with other members in the group.

Some rules to consider outlining:

  • Do members need to introduce themselves?
  • What can members post?
  • Can members answer questions?
  • Can members share self-promotional posts?
  • Can members contact other members?
  • Can members share content from the group?
  • Can members invite other people?

Facebook also has a range of suggested rules for you to choose from:

create rules page
create rules example

You can also write your own rule, title and description.

If a Facebook group community member has broken one of the group rules, a moderator can remove the post.

To do this:

  • Open the post
  • click the down arrow button in the upper-right corner
  • select Remove Post
remove post

From here you can select the rule that the member has broken. You can also add a note to the descriptive log if you choose to.

The member will then be notified that their post has been removed.

Turn on badges to recognise important group members

conversation starter

Badges are a great way to give some recognition to members who regularly contribute to your Facebook group community discussion.

It’s important to note that this can only be activated with groups containing more than 50 members. 

The Conversation Starter badge is temporary and recognises members who have had high engagement over the past month.

To activate badges in your group:

  • Click the more button
  • select edit group settings
  • scroll to Badges section
  • select Manage Badges
  • Select the badges you want
  • Click Save

Let members know mentorship is available


Facebook lets you create a mentorship program in your group. This program matches group members with mentors who can assist them in achieving their personal or business goals.

Once this feature is activated, a Mentorship tab will appear in the group when mentors and mentees can sign up.

To set up a mentorship program:

  •  Click the More button
  • Click Edit Group Settings
  • Scroll down to Sections
  • Click Add next to Mentorship

Select the Mentorship program that you think your followers will most benefit from…

mentorship category

If you’re serious about creating a Mentorship program for your followers, check out the video below. It gives you a complete walk through about how to set up the program.

Some tips to help with Facebook group conversation

  • Welcome new members and ask them to tell the group about themselves
  • Discuss a common problem and ask your group for their opinion
  • Use themes to encourage group involvement (#TBT, sale-care Sunday etc)
  • Use polls to gather insights about your group
  • Shine the light on a new member each month and share their story
  • Showcase member achievements

What are some things you do to better serve your Facebook Group Community? We would love to hear from you in the comments below!

Sean graduated from Murdoch University in 2017 and went from intern to Account Manager with Coffey & Tea. He also contributes to Social Media Perth.