10 Instagram bios that will excite you

Are you looking to make a great first impression on Instagram?

Want to have people smiling before even seeing your photo wall? You need a great Instagram bio. 

A great Instagram bio has the power to do many things: tell people what your business is about, give them a great hashtag to use, or even give them a link to an interesting website. No matter your goal, you need to let people know who you are in a unique, eye catching way. 

Here are 10 Instagram bios that will inspire you to create your own great bio.

1. Arnold Schwarzenegger – @schwarzenegger

Screen Shot 2018 10 10 at 11.09.03 am

Arnold Schwarzenegger is a walking, talking brand. From fitness, to movies, to politics, he is a giant in these industries and his bio perfectly encapsulates that. This bio also shows a glint of Arnold’s personality, he’s always been a larger than life character and his “I told you I’d be back” line is a great way for people to connect to a man they have known for a long time. 

2. Charity Water – @charitywater

Screen Shot 2018 10 10 at 11.11.48 am

This organisation works toward bringing clean water to those who need it. Working in South America, Africa, and Asia, Charity Water has helped thousands of people gain access to a clean drinking supply through the help of donations and partnerships with various businesses. This organisation has a clear and defined goal, summed up perfectly in their short but direct bio. This allows people who are unfamiliar with Charity Water, to understand what they do in single sentence. It is direct and highly effective.

3. Limeburners Whisky – @limeburnerswhisky 

Screen Shot 2018 10 10 at 11.06.53 am

The Limeburners Whisky bio is a great example of conveying lots of information in a very clear and visually appealing way. This bio has it all: a tagline, the products they sell, their awards and their website.

These elements allow people who know nothing about the business to immediately understand that this is a high-class whisky brand, which makes a wide range of quality whiskies. This approach is a great way to give customers a clear idea of the brand’s style and tone. 

4. M.J Bale – @mjbale

Screen Shot 2018 10 10 at 11.13.01 am

M.J Bale & Victoria’s Secret (see number 5 below) make the list because they both use their bios to try to connect with a particular type of person, rather than explaining who they are and what they do.

M.J Bale is a suit company that is aimed at young male professionals and connects with them perfectly by using the word “banter”. It is a word that is almost exclusively used by young men talking to their friends and makes this brand extremely relatable and likeable for that particular demographic.

5. Victoria’s Secret – @victoriassecret

Screen Shot 2018 10 10 at 11.14.34 am

Victoria’s Secret again makes no mention of what the brand does but simply aims to connect with people. The tagline “confidence is sexy” is highly relatable to young women (the key demographic), and connects with them by referencing a concern that a huge amount of people have. 

Both MJ Bale and Victoria’s Secret have tried something slightly different with their bio’s but have absolutely nailed it, making it highly likely that people will use their branded hashtag in the future. 

6. Pura Vida Bracelets – @puravidabracelets 

Screen Shot 2018 10 10 at 11.25.57 am

Pura Vida is an example of how the use of emojis and hashtags can make a great looking bio. With the addition of related emojis next to important facts, this bio is so vibrant that customers scrolling through are never going to miss it. The great addition of a branded hashtag also helps to get people engaged with the product through user generated content.  

 7. Red Bull – @redbull

Screen Shot 2018 10 10 at 11.36.30 am

You’re probably looking at the image of the Red Bull bio below thinking “I don’t know what that bio even means”, which is exactly what Red Bull intended. It’s just a very strange sentence followed by a link, but people are curious creatures and that curiosity has led to that link being clicked over 750,000 times. While playing on people’s curiosity is sometimes a risk, as it may alienate people, it is often one the most effective ways to engage them. High risk, for a potentially high reward.

8. Disney – @disney

Screen Shot 2018 10 10 at 11.26.51 am

For big brands there is always a risk of fake or copy cat accounts and so they need to state their authenticity. Disney’s Instagram is a perfect example of how you can use this annoying problem to your advantage by using the #Disney hashtag within it. The inclusion of the great tagline also totally sums up the ideology of Disney, and is a statement that fans will respond well to. 

9. UGG – @ugg

Screen Shot 2018 10 10 at 11.38.31 am

This bio is an excellent example of a brand embracing a hashtag from their community, while cross promoting other social media accounts. The #UGGlife hashtag is a hugely popular community hashtag with 29.8k posts to its name. It’s a clear example of branded hashtags working and it’s a great sign to see them trying to get as many people as possible involved. What’s also great about this bio is the cross promotion with @UGGformen, a page tailored for a smaller niche demographic. 

10. New York Comic Con – @newyorkcomiccon 

Screen Shot 2018 10 10 at 11.41.17 am

This bio made it to the list because it is everything a person could want in an event’s Instagram account. This bio tells you when the event is, the hashtag to use when taking photos, and how to contact them for more information. It’s short, it’s helpful, and the use of emojis adds a little bit of excitement to an otherwise dull wall of information. 

So! Were you inspired? Hopefully you put these great examples to work in your favour.

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