Upgrade your Instagram Trust Score

The activities are hurting your Trust Score

Instagram Trust Score, also known as a “health ranking”, is how Instagram monitors your account and its activities to decide if it is reliable.

Did you know Instagram analyses every single action we perform from our accounts?

The algorithms track and interpret every move and collect this information into your “confidence ranking”, assigning a score to your account on a scale from spam-like activity to reliable.

While you cannot access your trust score number, your account can be blocked if considered spam.

This ties in with Instagram’s primary purpose for the platform: creating and rewarding genuine engagement and quality content.

Here are our tips to increase your Instagram Trust Score.

Stop indulging in “spam-like” behaviour

In the last year, Instagram has prioritised combating automation tools, resulting in some human behaviour being mislabelled as spam.

The type of activity Instagram views as bot-like behaviour includes; following or unfollowing many accounts, using repetitive or irrelevant hashtags, leaving repetitive comments and direct messaging people who don’t follow you.

If your account meets or surpasses your action thresholds, you can be flagged, lowering your trust score.

We suggest commenting on posts naturally (not just three emojis all the time), use hashtags wisely and don’t spam people’s inboxes.

Posting consistently helps your Trust Score

Ensure you are posting on Instagram often and reliably to ensure strong engagement with your followers. By doing this, you’ll gain more followers, and your trust score will improve over time. Limit your posts to one per day, and make sure your posting content is essential and valuable to your audience.

Just remember: consistently, not constantly!

Remove fake followers

While your account might not follow fake profiles, there is a chance bot, and fake profiles follow your account. These accounts are detectable if they have no profile image, bio, followers, or spam content.

We suggest doing a periodic review and removing any followers you feel don’t have genuine profiles to ensure the engagement and trust score are not damaged by ghost followers.

Tip: Link your Instagram and Facebook accounts so you can follow your Facebook friends on Instagram – something that only humans can do!

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