LinkedIn Company Pages: 5 tips for growth

Ignoring your company LinkedIn ends today.

LinkedIn company pages offer great opportunities to drive brand awareness and engage with professional audiences, so why are they often overlooked?

With over 756 million users worldwide, and when compared to Facebook generates leads 277% more effectively, LinkedIn is the largest resource for B2B marketers to tap into and should undoubtedly be included in your company’s social media marketing strategy.

The platform can help your business establish credibility, build a relevant network, and gain insider knowledge from industry experts.

If you haven’t joined yet or haven’t been utilising it to its best potential, now is the time to do so.

Here’s how to take full advantage of LinkedIn company pages.

1. Optimise your page for search

A well-optimised company page can help you be noticed by individuals looking for what you have to offer. Include keywords and phrases that potential buyers could use to find your product or service on the internet. Include them in the overview of the “About” tab, so they’re clear about who you are and what you do. Links are necessary for improving your search engine ranking. A simple way to win here is to provide a link to your page on your website. Also, make sure that workers’ LinkedIn accounts are up to date. Distribute relevant material and share often. The more you post engaging material with your followers, the better your page will rank in search results.

2. Share posts with rich media

According to LinkedIn, pictures get 98% more comments than those without them. Custom collages with three to four photos in one post also work well for pages, according to LinkedIn. Avoid using stock photos, as unique images receive higher interaction. To supplement your postings, you may attach PDFs, PowerPoint presentations, or SlideShare presentations. On LinkedIn, videos receive five times more interaction than any other form of content. LinkedIn native video has the benefit of auto-playing when someone scrolls past it. As a result, it is more effective in grabbing someone’s attention. Furthermore, the LinkedIn algorithm prioritises films posted on the platform.

3. Go live

Live video is the only medium on LinkedIn that is more compelling than video. A live broadcast receives 24 times the engagement of a pre-recorded video. From fireside chats to interviews and webinars, brands have found a variety of reasons to go live. Virtual events have even been hosted by some. The style allows for immediate interaction with the audience, particularly if you reply to questions and comments. Make sure to advertise your LinkedIn live before you go live. Not just on LinkedIn, either. Disseminate the word to all of your audience’s touchpoints.

4. Target the right audience

The organic targeting option for posts is one of LinkedIn’s more unique marketing tools. Page administrators may target postings based on followers’ profiles, such as company size, industry, job title, seniority, region, and prefered language. To target audiences, pages must have at least 300 followers.

Knowing your audience is crucial in growing your LinkedIn company page.

5. Analyse your efforts

To enhance your LinkedIn marketing approach, check LinkedIn Analytics frequently. Keep track of post analytics to discover what posts got the most attention, what sparked the most activity, and what didn’t. Make the necessary adjustments to your content schedule. You can also see how visitors reach your page and which areas they interact with using the analytics dashboard. Compare the number of page views your tabs receive, and if you manage a showcase page, discover how popular it is. You may get an idea of who is interested in your organisation by looking at visitor demographics.

Check out the “Companies to Track” chart to see how your page stacks against the competition. This area allows you to see how your page ranks in terms of overall traffic.

Ready to grow your LinkedIn company page? Get up to speed by checking out our LinkedIn resources page!