Optimising social media platforms

Optimising social media platforms is an important step for all businesses looking to make real connections with your followers online.

You’ve set up all your social media platforms. Now what? 

It’s time to sit back and watch all the leads and sales roll in, right? Not so fast. For your brand to truly get the most out of all its social platforms, you need to take some time to ensure they are optimised.    

We’ve compiled our top three tips to help you optimise your social platforms and make sure you’re putting your best foot forward to your target audience.

It’s important that your brand is easily recognisable on all social platforms

Make sure your @username (or handle) is consistent across all platforms, and ensure your bio is descriptive, concise, and a clear reflection of your brand. 

Your profile images and cover photos should fit your brand

Keep your profile image simple – stick to things like your company logo. If you want to get creative, your cover photo is the place to do it. Try using it to feature a new product, announce specials, or promote upcoming events.   When you’re optimising your social media platforms, it’s important to think about where you might want your customers to go after checking you out on social. 

 Not only do you want to be able to direct your followers directly from your social media palges, you also want to know which social platforms your website traffic is coming from. Be sure to keep your URL short and reflective of your brand.  

Incorporate these tips into your social media platforms and you’ll start growing in next to no time.

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