How to run an influencer marketing campaign that works

With a market size estimated to be worth $13.8 billion, influencer marketing campaigns look like they aren’t slowing down anytime soon.

Businesses and marketing are viewed with suspicion by today’s consumers, with an increasing number of consumers (particularly millennials) conducting extensive internet research before making a purchase.

SMPerth Influencer Marketing Campaign

This shift in mindset is why influencer marketing is so effective; influencers authentically interact with their followers, which traditional advertising can’t.

You don’t have to do it all by yourself; read below to get started.

Goals and audience

The important first step is to Identify the audience you want to target; clearly understand who they are, what and who they are interested in and where they live.

To monitor and assess your campaign, you must have well-defined goals and KPIs. What actions do you want your audience to take after being exposed to your campaign, and how will you be able to evaluate the consequences of their activities?

Popular KPIs for influencer campaigns include brand awareness, return on investment, SEO, traffic and average stay per visit.  

Find the right people for your influencer marketing campaign

It’s time to discover the ideal influencer once you’ve determined your objectives and target market. Who is the most effective communicator and audience reacher for your message? Is it one or two macro-influencers or several micro-influencers? The number of followers isn’t the most crucial aspect in a successful campaign; engagement is!

Collaborating with numerous micro-influencers may result in a higher reach since they each speak to a different audience. Consider how well the influencer fits your objectives: is it to increase brand awareness or conversions? Some influencers excel at specific tasks.  

Prepare a brief and make contact

It’s time to write a brief outlining the campaign after you’ve picked influencers that fit your target demographic and goals.

After that, it’s time to make contact (through email address online or an Instagram direct message) and begin working together. You must allow the influencer to obtain the necessary requirements for the campaign for your brand to be credible and relevant to the influencer’s audience.  

Go live and evaluate

The bulk of engagements and clicks on a post happen during the first few days of its publication, but it takes time to observe the full impact of an influencer marketing campaign. It’s a good idea to start reviewing the outcomes two weeks after the post was published. What was the total number of interactions and clicks? It’s simple to collect data from the campaign, thanks to tracking links and the necessary measurement and analysis tools.

Then take everything you’ve learnt and apply it to your next influencer campaign.        

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