TikTok Trends // 5 types of video to create

It’s time to chase the white rabbit down the weird and wonderful rabbit hole of TikTok videos.

If you haven’t discovered all the creativity, silliness, and opportunity that TikTok videos have to offer, it’s about time you got on board.  

From dance videos, lip-syncing, and cooking to social media challenges, and more, TikTok is a flourishing global hub of creativity and passion. It is also a great oppurtunity for businesses to grow their brands.

We’ve compiled a list of five examples of TikTok videos that you’re likely to come across on the platform.

1. Social media challenges

Planking, The Harlem Shake, ice bucket challenge, cinnamon challenge, running man challenge, mannequin challenge… If there’s one thing social media loves, it’s a good, old-fashioned challenge. 

And TikTok is no different.

Social media challenges are a great way for users and content creators to come together around a common theme. These challenges come in all shapes and sizes. Some challenges are silly (cinnamon challenge). Some are for a good cause (ice bucket challenge). But some are simply clever marketing…


Uniters show us what YOU got!! Get creative and try the PepsiCanBalance!! ?? @pepsi #pepsifootball

? Presidente – WOST & Ginette Claudette

Pretty simple idea, right? As of right now, videos with the hashtag #pepsicanbalance have collected a total of 7.2 million views. Now, that’s what we call an effective brand awareness campaign.

2. Trending hashtag TikTok videos

Similar to Twitter, TikTok offers users a handy Discover section filled with popular videos and hashtags. Popular hashtags are a great place to start on TikTok, offering users a valuable insight into what the community is into right now.  

Take a look at some of the most-popular hashtags on the platform and start planning your strategy. Really popular hashtags offer the opportunity to reach a huge audience, but they’re incredibly competitive.

Much like keyword research, try targeting some of the less popular hashtags, too. Think of it like being a big fish in a small pond vs a small find in an unbelievably large ocean of digital fish, sharks, and whatever category a blobfish falls into.

3. Food TikTok videos

Food, glorious food! People love it, so it should come as no surprise that TikTok is absolutely stuffed with food videos. #easymeal has a collective 552.1 million views on the platform.

Nowadays, who has time to cook complicated recipes, especially when finding those recipes means reading a novel’s worth of background first. We don’t care about your origin story, Susan. We just want to know how to make a stroganoff.

If you’re looking for some culinary inspiration, hashtags like #easymeal and #cooking are great places to start!

4. Dance TikTok videos

It’s time to leave those friends behind. Dance videos are amongst the most popular on TikTok, with #dance accounting for 189.2 billion views. Thinking dancing doesn’t really fit your brand? That’s fine. On TikTok, there’s something for everyone and every brand. With 99.1 million views, maybe you could try #knitting?

5. Lip-syncing TikTok videos

For whatever reason, people seem to absolutely love lip-syncing videos, especially on TikTok. Honestly, these days, it feels like people prefer watching people lip sync more than watching people actually singing.

Whether you’re into it or not, lip-syncing videos are an unavoidable part of the TikTok ecosystem. Let’s take a look at the numbers: #lipsyncing has 64.4 million views, #lipsync has 59.9 billion views, and even the typo of #lipsunc has 34.4 million views.

And if singing isn’t your vibe, check out some of the other creative ways people using #lipsync.

Bonus TikTok videos for brands

Except for the #pepsicanbalance challenge, you might be wondering how these types of videos can help your brand. Well, fear not! While most brands can only dream of the kind of value and exposure created by the #pepsicanbalance challenge, there are ways to harness the power of TiKTok to promote your brand.

1. Influencer collaborations

Depending on what you’re trying to promote, influencer marketing is an incredibly powerful tool in today’s digital world, especially on TikTok. The 13-24-year-old age bracket accounts for 69% of TikTok’s users, making influencer marketing a great option for brands trying to break through on the platform. 

2. Live TikTok videos

While you’d be forgiven for thinking TikTok is all about planned, edited videos, that assumption couldn’t be further from the truth. The fact of the matter is people love live videos.

How much do people love live videos? Let us throw out a number: 6.8 billion. Pretty big number, right? But what if I told you that’s the total number of views that #live has collected on TikTok? To put that number into perspective, the population of the world is roughly 7.8 billion. That’s almost one view for every person in the world, and that’s just for one hashtag.

Just like Facebook Live or YouTube Live, going live on TikTok is a great way to launch a product or announce some exciting news. There’s a level of exclusivity around being amongst the first people in the world to find something out, so why not capitalise on it?

3. Tutorial videos

If you thought TikTok users love #live, wait until you start exploring #tutorial. Are you sitting down? Good. #tutorial has 75.6 billion views on TikTok. Yeah, we know.

From random arts and crafts to dance moves and more, people love to learn. Tutorial videos are a great way for your brand to educate your customers and offer them some value.

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A born and raised sandgroper, Cal only ever dreamed of one thing growing up: the squeaky courts of the NBA. But his inability to dunk squashed that dream. Cal is the Marketing Coordinator at Coffey & Tea.