5 tips to get more views on YouTube

Views for days! 

Getting more views on YouTube can often be a challenge and somewhat of a mystery, but there are steps you can take to increase your viewership.  

While YouTube used to be all about viral content and small creators, the platform is now dominated by massive channels and large corporations with even larger marketing budgets, making it harder for people to break through and find an audience. 

But it’s not impossible, especially if you already have a following on social media. With one billion hours of video watched on YouTube daily, there are plenty of views to go around.  

Here are our five tips to get more views on YouTube.  

1. Make great content 

This one sounds pretty simple, right? 

There are many tips and tricks out there based on the idea of magically increasing your YouTube views, but gaining a following and keeping people watching comes down to making great content.

There are no magic beans when it comes to YouTube. A big marketing budget helps, but great content will always find its way. 

more views on YouTube

A huge part of making great content starts with understanding what your audience wants to see from your channel. Understanding what your audience wants might take a bit of time and effort, but it’s a worthwhile investment.    

Don’t think so? Ask yourself this question: would you rather spend hours making content you hope your audience will like or spend less time making content you know they’ll love?

Spend some time getting to know your audience and watch your views climb.  

2. Invest in your community 

The most successful YouTube channels don’t simply upload videos and call it a day. If you want more views on YouTube, you need to invest time in your community. Whether it’s responding to comments, interacting on social media, or even setting up a Discord, the more you show your community that you care, the more they’ll appreciate and watch your content.  

3. Reminder people to subscribe  

Call to action! 

Subscribers are everything on YouTube. Not only does a large subscriber base increase your chance of repeat viewership, but it also let’s non-subscribing viewers know that your channel is legit.

YouTube subscribers

Why would people subscribe to your channel when they haven’t watched anything? Asking for subscriptions early on is a great way to turn people away. When reminding people to subscribe, avoid doing so at the start of your video. Save your subscription call-to-action for later in your videos. 

4. Encourage people to share your videos  

If you spend a bunch of time and energy making great videos, you want people to share your work. One of the most critical steps to consider when sharing YouTube videos is enabling embedding. 

By enabling embedding, you’re giving people the option to embed our videos in blog posts and on their websites. 

If you want more views on your YouTube videos, make it as easy as possible for people to share them with others, and embedding is a great way to do so. 

To enable embedding, simply head to Creator Studio > Advanced Setttings > Distribution Options > Allow embedding. 

5. Playlists keep people watching 

How has TikTok generated so much success? Yes, the videos are super engaging and tailored to your liking, but so much of TikTok’s success comes down to how its For You page operates. 

By serving viewers a seemingly endless stream of content just one swipe away, TikTok can keep people on its platform for extended amounts of time. YouTube playlists are much the same. Creating playlists for your content will keep people watching more of your videos instead of moving on to another channel.  

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