YouTube Character Limit in 2023

Push it to the limit!  

Understanding YouTube character limits will help you rank higher, get more views, and direct traffic to your website. 

If you thought YouTube was simply all about video, think again. Owned by Google, YouTube is actually the second-largest search engine in the world. Pretty crazy, right? 

Before you upload your next masterpiece, it’s essential to understand the character limits that YouTube has in place. 

From video titles to comments, here’s a detailed breakdown of every character limit for YouTube in 2023. 

YouTube video title character limit

If you’re dreaming up creative and click-worthy titles for your YouTube videos, keep in mind that there is a 100-character limit to YouTube video titles. 

It’s important to remember that titles longer than 70 characters will be truncated in most search results. 

YouTube description character limit

Because YouTube is one big search engine, your description is a super important element. 

YouTube descriptions are limited to 5,000 characters, perfect for using timestamps, affiliate links, social media links, and much more.  

Remember to use keywords in your YouTube descriptions, and don’t be afraid to include a few hashtags too! 

YouTube bio character limit

When people visit your channel, you have a golden opportunity to let people know a little bit more about yourself, and we mean a little. YouTube bios are limited to 1,000 characters

Youtube Shorts character limits 

Just like standard video descriptions, YouTube Shorts can have descriptions of up to 5,000 characters.

Similarly, YouTube Shorts titles can be up to 100 characters long; however, remember that only 40 characters appear on-screen in the YouTube app.

YouTube comment character limit

If you really have something to say about a particular video, you’ll be please to know that YouTube limits comments to a whopping 10,000 characters!

Don’t want to count? 

Counting and double-checking all those characters can be time-consuming, so we recommend using a character limit counting tool

YouTube character limits at a glance 

Title: 100 characters (both videos and Shorts)

Title truncation: 70 characters (40 for Shorts)

Description limit: 5,000 characters

Bio: 1,000 characters

Comment: 10,000 characters

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