Optimise your pins on Pinterest and watch your engagement levels and click-through rates go through the roof.

Instagram’s algorithms used to be relatively simple; however, as the platform continues to add new features, its algorithms become more complex. 

Content, consistency, and connectivity are the key to the Instagram algorithm and making it work for you.

Instagram announced that they would be introducing an algorithmic newsfeed. Sounds complicated. It probably is – for them; but for us users it’s not going to change how you use the platform much, if at all.

Social media fails happen to the world’s biggest brands and the smallest content creators alike, and 2022 was no exception

Brands using BeReal was always going to happen, but is the corporatisation of the “real” social media app a good thing?

If you’re actively trying to sell and reach people on Pinterest, you need to optimise Pins for search.  

Blogs increase sales by allowing you to reach new audiences, target specific interests, and focus on appropriate keywords.  

Local SEO is super competitive, so you need to put in some effort to increase your rankings.

TikTok’s For You page might just be the most sought-after target in all of social media at the moment, but how do you get your content there? 

Instagram engagement can feel difficult to achieve at times, but with over 1 billion global users, the platform is a powerful tool engagement tool.