Social Media Checklist // FREE DOWNLOAD

Before posting content on social media, you should always ask yourself some very important questions to ensure your brand is protected.

A social media checklist is a quick and very important way to keep you more organised as a social media manager.

After all, once you post something online, it’s online forever! All it takes is one screenshot to be shared of an inappropriate post and your brand’s voice that you’ve worked so hard to establish, can be damaged forever.

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What is a social media checklist?

A social media checklist is the same as any other checklist. It’s a series of questions that you can can either confirm or decline to help you keep on track with your overall marketing efforts.

For example, “Will I be okay with absolutely anyone seeing this?”

If the answer is ‘no’, your brand probably shouldn’t post that piece of content.

Some of these questions can appear obvious at first glance, but successfully doing the little things the right way, will help grow your brand’s identity and reputation online.

Why do I need to complete a social media checklist?

A checklist helps you to stay on top of your A-game as a digital marketer.

By completing a checklist before posting content you’re more likely to:

  • Stay organised
  • Remember important information
  • Maintain consistency with posts
  • Deliver the appropriate message to your audience
  • Grow a professional brand

How often should I complete the checklist?

We suggest running through this checklist before posting any type of content on any of your social media channels.

The more you go over the checklist, the more consistent and professional your posts will appear to your audience. Before long, it will be wired into your brain to automatically go over these questions before posting any content!

Checking off the items on this list will make sure you have trust in the content your posting. The more often you complete it with your content, the more likely you will avoid a PR blunder or other online embarrassment.

Download your free social media checklist and immediately improve your digital marketing game!