Business Solutions to Make Your Life Easier in 2017

If your New Year’s resolution is to be more organised in 2017, then it’s time to start looking into some smart solutions.

Ensuring your corporate needs are managed effectively means more free time to just relax. The more streamlined your business solutions are – the easier your life is; both personal and work related. 2017 is the year to fine tune, simplify and manage corporate operations.

But getting the ball rolling can be complex, especially if you’re renowned for a little procrastination! And let’s face it, we all are at times. Fortunately, there’s an answer to this problem. We’ve done the hard work for you and compiled the top business solutions to make your life easier in 2017. Get organised and start implementing these ideas today!


Utilise an Online Print Management System

Online print management systems are quality control at its upmost peak. As opposed to general print management, which tend to outsource bulk printing jobs for a cheaper price, online print management systems cater for corporate needs that thrive on quality and practicality. Like standard print management systems, online print management systems are able to produce promotional materials in bulk cost-effectively. The difference is there’s no middle man to deal with. And the benefits of quality control and better production time means there’s less worry about the job getting done efficiently.

This helps to eliminate the stress of waiting for a graphic designer to approve changes to corporate materials or getting proofs signed off too. Consistency isn’t compromised and there’s more control when it comes to editing the job orders, viewing how much stock product the printing company has left and client log on to easily place orders. By switching from regular print management systems to an online one, corporate printing needs are made much easier for the New Year.


Get on Board with Effective Task Management

If you’re not managing your tasks properly, chances are your professional and personal life is in a heap. And it’s not something a strong cup of coffee is going to fix either! Whether you’re juggling a handful of projects simultaneously or you’re managing a team of employees, finding an effective way to manage tasks is something we can all benefit from in the New Year.

Trello is a free online program that enables you to organise and prioritise projects easily. It’s designed to look like a virtual bulletin board so a fantastic and fun way to view what’s happening – especially for those that are visually minded. It’s easy to use and enables you to track deadlines, check on employee task lists and delegate responsibilities among team members. You can also create checklists, upload files and check the status of projects you’re working on.


Shorten Your To-Do List

Are you one of those people that has a to-do list the length of your arm? No doubt everything on there really has to get done, but to-do lists that are ridiculously long doesn’t help you get organised at all. In fact, it can do the complete opposite. Long lists leave less time to focus on revenue-generating ideas and does nothing more than leave you feeling disorganised and flustered just looking at what needs to be done. Instead, aim to focus on 3-5 top urgent tasks for the day. The rest can wait until tomorrow.


Invest in a Business Management Tool

Especially if you’re a small business, investing in a business management tool for 2017 should be a top priority. A good business management tool will be able to automate tasks and save you time, ultimately making life a lot easier. Whilst finding the best tool for your business can depend on the type of industry you’re in, there’s multiple options on the market that can assist in streamlining corporate movements including CRM programs (Customer Relationship Management) and customised solutions tailored to your specific business needs.


Take Advantage of Smartphone Apps

If you’re not utilising at least one smartphone app to make your professional and personal life easier, then you’re really missing out on the bandwagon. There really is an app for everything and some of the top business ones will not only help you stay organised, but can change the way you run things and save you time and money. And the best part? Most of them a free, or next to nothing to purchase.

A few goodies to consider downloading include Office Mobile (Microsoft Office for your smartphone), Microsoft Remote Desktop, GoToMeeting, Fuze, Evernote and Office Time, which generates invoices and reports on the go based on data.